Westinghouse Sigma™ RCP/SHIELD® Seals

The Westinghouse Sigma™ Reactor Coolant Pump Seal provides reliable performance and cost savings to ensure safe and long-term plant operation. This seal has been rigorously developed and tested to provide up to a 12-year life in order to reduce your seal maintenance cost, decrease refueling outage dose, eliminate seal installation issues, and more.

Combining the Westinghouse Sigma™ RCP and SHIELD® seals brings additional benefits of integrated passive safety and high reliability.

An enhanced RCP seal performance now is available, built off of Westinghouse’s 30+ years of operating experience and thousands of hours of qualification and testing. Our Sigma™ and SHIELD® seal innovations are ready to support the safety, reliability, predictability and cost-effectiveness needs of your plant today, and into the future. 

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