Major Milestone for U.S. AP1000® Project: Toshiba Completes Core Barrel Manufacture

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Dedicated team members from Toshiba and Westinghouse were involved in the successful completion of the core barrel manufacturing for V.C. Summer AP1000 Unit 2 in Jenkinsville, South Carolina, U.S.
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PITTSBURGH, March 12, 2014 Westinghouse Electric Company today announced that the Toshiba Corporation Keihin manufacturing facility in Yokohama, Japan, has successfully completed the manufacture of the core barrel for the Westinghouse AP1000® plant under construction at SCE&G’s V.C. Summer Unit 2 in Jenkinsville, South Carolina, U.S. The core barrel resides inside the reactor vessel of the AP1000 plant and houses the reactor’s fuel.

The completion of this major component is significant for the Toshiba facility, which has extensive experience in manufacturing components for boiling water reactors, because this is the first component manufactured for a pressurized water reactor. In addition to being manufactured according to the highest standards, it was also completed at the end of January, which was well before the April shipping schedule.

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