Westinghouse Nuclear Power Plants Senior Vice President Statement on Concrete Pour at V.C. Summer

PITTSBURGH – November 05, 2013 – The following statement is attributable to Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Power Plants Senior Vice President Jeff Benjamin:

“This weekend, we reached another significant milestone in making the first new nuclear plants to be built in the United States in three decades a reality, with the pouring of basemat nuclear concrete for V.C. Summer Unit 3. Nearly 500 people worked 43 hours and 25 minutes this weekend, continuously pouring concrete. Thanks to the lessons we learned from the Unit 2 concrete pour and also from our other construction projects, we were able to complete this milestone safely and even more efficiently. I am proud of the dedication of our team as we work together to deliver these two AP1000® units for South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) and Santee Cooper.

“It has been less than eight months since first nuclear concrete for Unit 2 was poured at V.C. Summer, and since then, we’ve seen significant progress on that unit. Some of the progress includes the placement of the containment vessel bottom head and placement of the reactor vessel support module, as well as concrete placement that will enable further progress on the nuclear island. In addition, one of the cooling towers is nearing completion, two condensers are placed, and significant progress continues on major modules, the containment vessel and the auxiliary building.

“Westinghouse and CB&I, our consortium partner, remain committed to the safe, high-quality and timely delivery of the AP1000 units at the V.C. Summer site, as well as the Vogtle site in Georgia. Significant progress continues to be made on the four units we are building in the United States, as well as the four units currently being built in China.

“We look forward to many more milestones in the coming months, as work progresses on the next generation of nuclear plants to bring safe, clean, reliable electricity to the citizens they serve.”

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