Westinghouse Vision and Values


Our vision is to be the
first to innovate the next
technology, practice or solution that helps us help
generate safer, cleaner, more reliable energy for more people and a better planet.

Our Values: 

  • Respect. We care about each other and value what everyone brings to the table. We believe in strong leadership that builds respect through employee engagement and communication.  
  • Excellence. Our operations put nuclear, industrial and occupational safety first, with the highest expectations for outstanding performance, safety, quality and delivery always. 
  • Creativity. Innovation is in our DNA. We value collaborative thinking that turns ideas into solutions that improve life and tackle challenges, even before a problem may exist.  
  • Integrity. We do what we say, with honesty and fairness, even when no one is looking, and we're accountable for the results.  
  • Passion for customers. We are driven by our customers' success, so it's important to be where they are so we can better anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. 
  • Execution. We plan our work and work the plan, with flexibility, agility, a solid strategy and superior technology. We anticipate and respond to an ever-changing, global marketplace with a relentless pursuit of safety, continuous improvement, learning and efficiency.