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Accepted Students, 2012-2013

The names of the accepted students for the 2012-2013 Westinghouse Science Honors Institute (WSHI) are listed below. Names are listed alphabetically under their school. Acceptance material will be mailed on September 28, 2012 to the WSHI contact listed. It is the responsibility of that contact person to give the acceptance material to the students.

IMPORTANT: Once you find your name on the below list of accepted students, click on it. This will open up a form for you to fill out. After you answer yes or no to the question, enter your name and email address, and then click the Finish box. This will enable us to automatically upload your email address. If you do not do this, you will not receive emails from WSHI that contain the link for the lecture notes or any other announcements.

The first lecture is on Saturday, October 6. Students should arrive at the Gateway Middle School in Monroeville between 8:00 and 8:45 AM. Further instructions are contained in your acceptance material. There is no need to call or email if you are unable to attend a lecture.

We anticipate that the lecture notes for the first lecture will be posted on the WSHI web site by October 5. It is suggested that you print out the lecture notes, bring them with you, and place them in the binder which you will be issued the first time you attend a lecture.

Following the list of schools are the dates for the three trips to Penn State University and the names of the students who are scheduled for each trip. The bus trips were filled as the completed applications were received. Since only so many students per trip could be accepted, there was not enough room for every interested student to be scheduled for their preferred trip date, and all three trips were filled to capacity before some applications were received. If your name is listed for a trip other than your preferred date or there wasn’t enough room to accommodate you and you want your name to be placed on a waiting list in case space opens up, please email Sue Piper at with the date you want to visit Penn State and your name will be placed on a waiting list. If you signed up for a trip and now find you can’t attend, please email Sue Piper as soon as possible so your space can be given to another student.

APOLLO-RIDGE Ms. Opalka Paiano, Megan
    Ruzbacki, Julianna M.
AVONWORTH Ms. Duker Bevilacqua, Vincent
    Cosmides, Amanda
    Donovan, Levi
    Eck, Moriah
    Hunt, A. Colin
    Nahum, Amelia
    Werley, Samuel T.
BALDWIN Ms. Reynolds Craig, Alexandra
    LeMaster, Kayla
    Lutz, Logan
    Marx, Jackie
    Marze, Kate
BEAVER COUNTY CHRISTIAN Ms. Westbrook Stahl, Ethan J.
BEAVER FALLS Ms. Benn Mason, Dillon
BELLE VERNON AREA Mr. Thompson Anna, Katie A.
    Columbus, John J. III
    Corella, Alexandra
    Hartman, Alexandra M.
    Hazy, Rebecca
    Necciai, Clark
BENTWORTH Ms. Laslo Alauzen, Madison
    Bachmann, Luke
    Bashioum, Samuel B. B.
    Chester, Heidi
    Plute, Kelsey
    Vickless, Matthew
BETHEL PARK Mr. Cristofano Anischenko, Jonathan
    Cingel, Jarrod
    Gillece, Patrick
    Hanson, Brandon
    Hokaj, Christian
    Holden, Anthony
    Kimes, Katerina
    Lazzari, Hayley
    Matthews, Ryan J.
    Saleh, Laura
    Stephenson, Michael
    Tuite, Logan
BLACKHAWK Ms. Mensch Baker, Breanna
    Blythe, Victoria
    Bovalino, Victoria
    Cruise, Brittney
    Early, David
    Fritz, Laura
    Levine, Daniel
    Mendel, Kirsten
BRASHEAR Mr. Scoville Cabral, Rizuelle
    Duncan, Alicia
    Foley, Katie
    Patton, Joshua
    Sokol, Amanda L.
    Tremel, Hannah
BURRELL Mr. Grantz Gordon, McKenzie
CANON-McMILLAN Ms. Steinmiller Brekosky, Jacob
    Burns, Kristen
    Centore, Josh
    Harr, Keighley
    Lawrence, Hunter D.
    Ravi, Shreya
    Rozak, Rachel
    Terrell, Alexa
CARMICHAELS AREA Mr. Willis Kowalewski, Douglas
    McMinn, Brennen
    Valiante, Lacie
CARRICK Mr. Iasella Baker, Shakira
    Freeman, Katie
    Geruschat, Chelsea
    Kohley, Hannah M.
    Weisen, Albree
CHARTIERS-HOUSTON Mr. Campbell Agostinelli, Phil
    Deng, (Celena) Zien
    DiNardo, Doug
    Innes, Ryan
    Phillips, Jimmie
    Stevenson, Austin
    Susko, Kaleb
    Sutton, Haley
    Tatano, Tug
    Vehar, Nicole
    Zanaglio, Courtney
COMMONWEALTH CONNECTIONS ACADEMY Mailed to home of student Krinock, Gregory
CONEMAUGH VALLEY Ms. Beiter Hamilton, Sydney K.
    Paonessa, Abigail
ELIZABETH FORWARD Ms. Girman Cousino, Spencer K.
    Filippelli, Lisa M.
    Lee-Hauser, Cecelia
    Marino, Marissa
    Pell, Rachel
    Reagan, Serra C.
    Waters, Corri L.
ELLIS Ms. Richmond Broderick, Danielle
    Cooper, Rachel A.
    Mannam, Pragna
    Myers, Charley
    Raptis, Nepheli
    Ravi, Nila
    Shome, Ashna
    Yaruss, Emily
FORD CITY Ms. Deforno Burkett, Andrew
    Cujas, Allyson
    Pinto, Anthony
    Remis, Abigail
FORT CHERRY Ms. Briggs Bedillion, Samuel
    Colega, Jacob
    Coughenour, Kailyn
    Hamilton, Erica
    Kohut, Lacey M.
    Lodge, Ian
    O'Lear, Daniel P.
FOX CHAPEL AREA Ms. Sparrow Bermudez, Francisca
    Brady, Andrew
    Courson, Brendan
    D'Cunha, Hannah
    Dolhi, Stephen
    El-Magbri, Taha
    Hartsock, John R.
    Stathis, Xanthus
FRANKLIN AREA Ms. Williams Beals, Sofia
FRANKLIN REGIONAL Mr. Selinger Brand, Jennifer
    Carolla, Julianna
    Frydrych, Victoria
    Goulding, Megan
    Gray, Ellen
    Moidel, Benjamin
    Mostowy, Amanda
FRAZIER Ms. Marr Davies, Alexis
    Lazar, Anna
GATEWAY Mr. Pompa Ariza, Maria
    Aslam, Fatima
    Duez, Kelly
    Horomanski, Marie
    Johnson, Courtney
    Khan, Farah
    Kwong, Valerie
    Li, Megan
    Marino, Breanna
    Niculae-Caxi, Teodora
    Palombo, Sara N.
    Shah, Rohan C.
    Smith, Hannah R.
    Sun, Lilian
    Wallace-Potts, Emma
    Weidman, Kyra
    Yagatich, Kelly M.
    Yang, Mengxi
GEIBEL CATHOLIC Ms. Henderson Omatick, Gabrielle
GREATER LATROBE Mr. Brandt Fazzini, Erica
    Mehta, Karan N.
    Miller, Michael
    Wilt, Erin
    DeNino, Liana
    Hanson, Taylor
    Kelly, Declan S.
    Kikel, Nina
    McCullough, Lloyd
    Sheffield, Austin
    Smithberger, Jordan M.
    Taormina, Mary Theresa
    Verenna, Eryka
GREENSBURG SALEM Ms. O'Neill Heberling, Sarah
    McGill, Madison
    Miller, Brian M.
    Nicassio, Lauren
    Noel, Cierra
    Wygonik, Thomas
HAMPTON Ms. Pugliese Benzenhoefer, Cassie
    Heyl, Tyler
    Hilton, Ben
    Jordan, Quinn
    Lee, Victoria
    McGreevy, Kristen
    Schratz, Victoria L.
    Voelker, Anna
    Worobij, Mitchell
HARVEST BAPTIST ACADEMY Ms. Niehenke Jacobs, Mitchell
    Miller, Nathan
HEMPFIELD AREA Mr. Chovanec Abraham, Matt
    Astley, Solomon
    Denis, John
    Dimond, David P., Jr.
    Enache, Bogdan
    Griffith, Mallory
    Iezzi, Zachary
    Mincin, Tyler J.
    Miner, Kaylee L.
    Mollick, Travis
    Morozowich, Natasia M.
    Norris, Benjamin
    O'Neill, Kelly N.
    Osterwise, Bennett
    Patel, Kush
    Sackett, Dominick J.
    Staines, Mara
    Suszek, Josh
    Tracy, Lauren
    Wassel, Cody
HICKORY Ms. Ramage Chlpka, Kayli
    Goda, Sarah
    McLaughlin, Bailey E.
    Moretti, Chase
    Sabella, Heather
    Wright, Trand
HOMESCHOOL Mailed to home of student Hall, Joachim
INDIANA AREA Ms. Allshouse Nakrosis, Thomas
KEYSTONE OAKS Ms. McSwigan Azinger, Collin T.
    Bhayana, Mahima
    Bigler, Andrew
    Dobos, Alison
    Flaherty, Elizabeth
    Huebner, Klay D.
    Le, Kevin
    Lisle, Alyssa
    McCay, Ryan
    McGlone, Saoirse
    Muthiah, Chandrasekar
    Smith, Kaleigh
    Truong, Thien-Thanh (Jessica)
    Yamalis, Stephen V.
KISKI AREA Ms. Wien Debick, Katherine
    Malagari, Nicholas S.
LAKEVIEW CHRISTIAN Mr. James Zamboky, Robert A.
LIGONIER VALLEY Ms. Leavy Nemeth, Jake
MARS AREA Ms. Dufford Leipner, Matthew
    Monberg, Maria E.
    Pierre, Thomas
    Torgerson, Xavier
McGUFFEY Ms. Buffington Moon, Nick
MOHAWK Ms. Pia Alfano, Alyssa K.
    Neale, Jessica L.
    Prementine, Mikayla
MONESSEN Ms. Popelas Lucy, Thomas
    Moon, Nathanael
    Nejberger, Chase
    Pawelec, Blake
    Shash, Tyler
MONTOUR Ms. Cegelski Amon, Robert C.
    Cook, Matthew
    Dukewich, Christina
    Hensler, Michael J
    Lanuka, Justin
    Nicotero, Ali
    Price, Kimberlyn
    Schneider, Brandon
MOON AREA Ms. Shuster Govindarajan, Advith
MOUNT LEBANON Ms. Konechny Deiseroth, Danielle
    Fan, Ryan
    Jasionowski, Tom
    Merchant, Azfar
MOUNT PLEASANT AREA Mr. Pawlish Anderson, Ryley
    Chovanec, Noah M.
    Darr, Olivia C.
    Grant, Andrew
    Warburton, Brandi
NORTH ALLEGHENY Ms. Ruffolo Bachinsky, Julianna
    Barczynski, John
    Becich, Michael
    Cwalina, Caroline
    Hickey, Shannon
    Houghton, Brandon
    Miller, Nicholas
    Pacey, Edward J.
    Silberstein, Kyle
    Swartzlander, Jeffrey
NORTH HILLS Mr. Barkovich Darges, Steven
    Duerig, Andrew
    Gowdy, Elena
    Murray, William R.
    Sciulli, Anthony
    Spear, Nathan
    Stanton, Gabe
    Traczek, Madelyn
    Zheng, Michael
NORWIN Mr. Anticole Boytim, Alexis
    Bradley, Andrew
    Castelli, Jacqueline M.
    Harper, Victoria
    Hoang, Khanh
    Kerr, Sarah
    Nguyen, Nini
    Washko, Kelly
OAKLAND CATHOLIC Ms. Benedik Dulac, Sandra
    Kanemoto, Shoko
    Ozolek, Claire
PENN HILLS Mr. Willy Davis, Rachel
    Gess, Melissa M.
    Walker, Angelica V.
PENNSYLVANIA CYBER CHARTER Mailed to home of student Frederick-Jaskiewicz, Calista
PENN-TRAFFORD Ms. Fallon Breze, Cameron
    Khan, Nikhil
    Loughner, Lindsay
    Loughner, Melanie
    McNally, Megan E.
    Moll, David T.
    Palumbi, Elizabeth
    Shaw, Katherine
    Stephans, Tyler B.
    Winchell, Hannah
PETERS TOWNSHIP Ms. Hlebinsky Cashman, Jennifer
    Crane, Riley
    Flaugher, Rebecca
    Mottola, Kyle
    Taylor, Shane
    Wang, Roy
PINE-RICHLAND Ms. Williams Baxter, Kristen R.
    Bellows, Andrew
    Bokil, Aditi
    Cooper, Joshua
    Dadoo, Sonali
    Delligatti, Haley C.
    Duken, Julia
    Fitzpatrick, Emily
    Geguchadze, Kote
    Gleyze, Michael
    Grassucci, Matthew
    Hutchinson, William R.
    Lubic, Kimberly
    McNulty, Hannah
    Mourad, Kanzy
    O'Neil, Caroline A.
    Reuter, Aiden
    Salpietro, Nicholas
    Sporrer, Angeline
    Vislosky, Andrew R.
    Gentilcore, Clayton C.
PLUM Dr. Bhamre Arnold, Brooke
    Brown, Colleen
    Denchfield, Adam
    Hiener, Danielle C.
    Kelly, Erin J.
    Malreddy, Anannya
    Metzgar, Shea M.
    Osborn, Ross
    Sepp, Daniel
    Theiss, Michelle
    Yount, Luke
PROPEL ANDREW STREET Ms. Kuhns Williams, Kailyn
PROPEL BRADDOCK HILLS Ms. Hopkins Francette, Alex
QUAKER VALLEY Ms. Colangelo Hoey, Madeline
    Life, Lauren
    Quinn, Alex
    Rollock, Kara
    Russell, Matt
QUIGLEY CATHOLIC Ms. Bonislawsky Broniszewski, Andrew T.
    Jackson, Brittany L.
    Jackson, Kristen M.
    Jaskiewicz, Macy
    Kopaniasz, Jeffrey M.
    Kuntz, Anthony
    Meinert, Justin W.
    Straatmann, Kate
    Voettiner, Brittney D.
RINGGOLD Ms. Leasure Beck, Devin
    Behanna, Tiffany
    Dudas, Connor
    Martin, Adam
    Stumpf, Alex
    Turkovich, Aaron
ROCKWOOD AREA Ms. Fischer Lichty, Lisa
    Rugg, Kayla M.
SALTSBURG Ms. Spadafora Corridoni, Katie
    Pratt, Jessica
SENECA VALLEY Mr. Walker Steighner, Alexandra
    Baktay, Josh
    Baron, Stefany
    Collier, Daniel B.
    Craddock, Adam E.
    Howard, Jessica
    Ortiz, Daniella
    Pretola, Janessa
    Ruiz, Kaleigh
    Shank, Derek
    Wentz, Peter
SERRA CATHOLIC Ms. Corcoran Hill, Brianna
    Karpinsky, Stephen
SETON-LaSALLE Ms. Howell Kalnas, Michael
    Leehan, Daniel
SEWICKLEY ACADEMY Ms. Wazenegger Munn, Steven L. J.
SHADY SIDE ACADEMY Ms. Montemurro Abo, Sophie
    Annamraju, Apoorva
    Bahri, Sahil
    Dively, William
    Magge, Hari
    Mickens, Tevin
    Mitra, Akul
    Myer, Lindsay
    Wecht, Sophie
    Yi, Janice
    Zhang, Christopher
SHALER AREA Mr. DiPasquale Colarusso, John H.
    Dobracki, Delaney
    Eshelman, Elyse
    Kinol, Casey
    Potter, Margaret
SOMERSET AREA Ms. Pile Gross, Alex
    Pile, Jacob
SOUTH FAYETTE Ms. Quirk Abbatico, Tyler
    Hannah, Andrew
    Kothuri, Radhir
    Kuvadia, Dharinee
    Marrese, Dimitri
    Mitchell, Micaela
    Navdiya, Radhika
    Patton, Joncarlo
    Shinde, Apurva N.
    Terrell, Edward M.
SOUTH PARK Mr. Pastorius Ballash, Whitney
    Carey, Ashley
    Leghart, Brandi
    Leonard, Bianca
    McKenna, Amanda
    Miller, Megan
SOUTH SIDE AREA Mr. Cusato Bilsky, Evan
    Campbell, Katherine
    Conti, Ethan
    Knoerdel, Ashley
SOUTHMORELAND Mr. Maginsky Ritz, Tara E.
    Severi, Cindy
    Simon, Davis R.
    Walters, Cameron S.
    Weaver, Paige M.
STEEL VALLEY Ms. Olsen Barnett, Sarah N.
    Brizes, Jennifer
    Fallon, Hannah
    Furlong, Brittany
    Pearson, Chelsea N.
    Pham, Mary
    Phouthavong, Layla
    Pounds, Sara E.
    Wargo, Christina
    Yano, Joseph J.
THOMAS JEFFERSON Mr. Giger Andreola, Laura
    Becker, Timothy
    Damico, Christina
    Gupta, Ritwik
    Gupta, Sumanyu
    Horgan, Brianna
    Horgan, Brittany
    Joyce, Olivia
    Logue, James J.
    Maurizio, Nico
    McDermott, Elizabeth
    Mulenga, Elizabeth U.
    Napolitano, Tara
    Saltzman, Allie
    Schrum, Daniel
    Schrum, Mariah
TRINITY Mr. Smith Blumer, Joseph
    Dydiw, Sydney
    Swanson, Jacob J.
UNIONTOWN Ms. Vaccaro Guthrie, Brady
    Monahan, Connor
UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Mr. Peterson Ferreira, Tyler
    Gettman, Madeline
UPPER ST. CLAIR Ms. Kistler Becker, Matt
    Campbell, Brendan
    Dasari, Sriraga
    Heil, Christian
    Petley, Will
    Roy, Eva
VENANGO CATHOLIC Ms. Frost Barletta, Nicholas
    Judy, Indiana X.
    Stewart, Rachael
VINCENTIAN ACADEMY Ms. Lang Donatelli, Lauren
    Herring, Imani
    Jiang, Ling
    Martin, Brad
    Munson, Brad
    Paulson, Kelly
    Rivetti, David
    Roble, Anna
    Tan, Anna
    Viducich, Isabella
WAYNESBURG-CENTRAL Mr. Higinbotham Boosel, Kaylee
WEST ALLEGHENY Mr. Cackovic Amper, Heather
    Becker, Sarah
    Bolind, Jesse J.
    Falcioni, Joseph
    Fesenmyer, Jessica
    Johnson, Matthew
    Kriznik, Jennie M.
    Raupp, F. Daniel
    Saravanan, Vishmayaa
WEST MIFFLIN AREA Ms. Zywan Brennen, Ryan
    Darr, Haley
    Divers, Ross
    Johns, Christopher
    Kovello, Ashley
    Mullen, Nicholas
WESTERN BEAVER Ms. Galat Carlin, Taylor B.
    Goehring, Tessa L.
    Kovalesky, Timothy
WESTMONT HILLTOP Mr. Kupchella Barry, Timothy
    Geiser, Lindsay
WOODLAND HILLS Ms. Blasi Hudson, Makayla
    Matthews, Morgan
    Ozarchuk, Aimee
    Stanko, Devan
YOUGH Ms. Suehr Brundage, Jacob
    Cox, Megan
    Shellgren, Danielle
    Shupe, Tyler

The dates of the trips to Penn State University are listed below along with the names of the students scheduled for each trip. The names are listed alphabetically under the date.

Buses will start to load at 5:45 AM and will depart the Gateway Middle School in Monroeville promptly at 6:00 AM—they will not wait for students who arrive late. When you arrive at Gateway Middle School, you will need to go inside to check in with the WSHI Administrator, Sue Piper, so you get credit for attending. Lunch will be provided at Penn State. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided on the bus. It is anticipated that we will arrive back at Gateway Middle School between 6:00-6:30 PM.

OCTOBER 13, 2012
Abbatico, Tyler – South Fayette
Andreola, Laura – Thomas Jefferson
Anna, Katie – Belle Vernon Area
Bachmann, Luke – Bentworth
Becker, Sarah – West Allegheny
Beiriger, Justin – Pittsburgh Central Catholic
Boyer, Steven K. – Berlin Brothersvalley
Boytim, Alexis – Norwin
Bradley, Andrew – Norwin
Brennen, Ryan – West Mifflin Area
Carlin, Taylor – Western Beaver
Castelli, Jacqueline – Norwin
Cingel, Jarrod – Bethel Park
Collier, Daniel – Seneca Valley
Cooper, Rachel – Ellis
Cousino, Spencer – Elizabeth Forward
Damico, Christina – Thomas Jefferson
Dasari, Sriraga – Upper St. Clair
Davies, Alexis – Frazier
Divers, Ross – West Mifflin Area
Dobos, Alison – Keystone Oaks
Dolhi, Stephen – Fox Chapel Area
Donatelli, Lauren – Vincentian Academy
Ferreira, Tyler – University School
Flaherty, Elizabeth – Keystone Oaks
Frederick-Jaskiewicz, Calista – PA Cyber Charter
Gentilcore, Clayton – Pittsburgh Central Catholic
Gettman, Madeline – University School
Gillece, Patrick – Bethel Park
Gordon, McKenzie – Burrell
Goulding, Megan – Franklin Regional
Govindarajan, Advith – Moon Area
Griffith, Mallory – Hempfield Area
Gross, Alex – Somerset Area
Hall, Joachim – Homeschool
Hannah, Andrew – South Fayette
Hanson, Brandon – Bethel Park
Harper, Victoria – Norwin
Harr, Keighley – Canon-McMillan
Heil, Christian – Upper St. Clair
Hoang, Khanh – Norwin
Hokaj, Christian – Bethel Park
Huebner, Klay – Keystone Oaks
Hutchinson, William – Pine-Richland
Johnson, Matthew – West Allegheny
Kerr, Sarah – Norwin
Khan, Nikhil – Penn-Trafford
Kimes, Katerina – Bethel Park
Kothuri, Radhir – South Fayette
Kriznik, Jennie – West Allegheny
Kuvadia, Dharinee – South Fayette
Kwong, Valerie – Gateway
Lazar, Anna – Frazier
Leipner, Matthew – Mars Area
Logue, James – Thomas Jefferson
Lubic, Kimberly – Pine-Richland
Lucy, Thomas – Monessen
Marrese, Dimitri – South Fayette
Matthews, Ryan – Bethel Park
McCay, Ryan – Keystone Oaks
McGill, Madison – Greensburg Salem
Mehta, Karan – Greater Latrobe
Mickens, Tevin – Shady Side Academy
Miller, Michael – Greater Latrobe
Mincin, Tyler – Hempfield Area
Mitchell, Micaela – South Fayette
Moidel, Benjamin – Franklin Regional
Moon, Nathanael – Monessen
Mulenga, Elizabeth – Thomas Jefferson
Mullen, Nicholas – West Mifflin Area
Nakrosis, Thomas – Indiana Area
Navdiya, Radhika – South Fayette
Nejberger, Chase – Monessen
Nguyen, Nini – Norwin
Norris, Benjamin – Hempfield Area
Osterwise, Bennett – Hempfield Area
Pacey, Edward – North Allegheny
Paiano, Megan – Apollo-Ridge
Pawelec, Blake – Monessen
Pierre, Thomas – Mars Area
Pile, Jacob – Somerset Area
Pratt, Jessica – Saltsburg
Price, Kimberlyn – Montour
Raupp, Daniel – West Allegheny
Ravi, Shreya – Canon-McMillan
Rozak, Rachel – Canon-McMillan
Ruzbacki, Julianna – Apollo-Ridge
Saltzman, Allie – Thomas Jefferson
Saravanan, Vishmayaa – West Allegheny
Schrum, Mariah – Thomas Jefferson
Shah, Rohan – Gateway
Shank, Derek – Seneca Valley
Shash, Tyler – Monessen
Simon, Davis – Southmoreland
Smith, Kaleigh – Keystone Oaks
Smithberger, Jordan – Greensburg Central Catholic
Suszek, Josh – Hempfield Area
Swartzlander, Jeffrey – North Allegheny
Taormina, Mary Theresa – Greensburg Central Catholic
Terrell, Alexa – Canon-McMillan
Torgerson, Xavier – Mars Area
Tuite, Logan – Bethel Park
Valiante, Lacie – Carmichaels Area
Vickless, Matthew – Bentworth
Voelker, Anna – Hampton
Walters, Cameron – Southmoreland
Washko, Kelly – Norwin
Wentz, Peter – Seneca Valley
Williams, Kailyn – Propel Andrew Street
Worobij, Mitchell – Hampton

NOVEMBER 3, 2012
Agostinelli, Phil – Chartiers-Houston
Amon, Robert – Montour
Anderson, Ryley – Mount Pleasant Area
Ariza, Maria – Gateway
Aslam, Fatima – Gateway
Baktay, Josh – Seneca Valley
Ballash, Whitney – South Park
Barry, Timothy – Westmont Hilltop
Baxter, Kristen – Pine-Richland
Becker, Timothy – Thomas Jefferson
Behanna, Tiffany – Ringgold
Bellows, Andrew – Pine-Richland
Bermudez, Francisca – Fox Chapel Area
Bokil, Aditi – Pine-Richland
Brekosky, Jacob – Canon-McMillan
Brown, Colleen – Plum
Burns, Kristen – Canon-McMillan
Carey, Ashley – South Park
Carolla, Julianna – Franklin Regional
Chester, Heidi – Bentworth
Chlpka, Kayli – Hickory
Chovanec, Noah – Mount Pleasant Area
Cooper, Joshua – Pine-Richland
Corella, Alexandra – Belle Vernon Area
Courson, Brendan – Fox Chapel Area
Craddock, Adam – Seneca Valley
Crane, Riley – Peters Township
Cujas, Allyson – Ford City
Dadoo, Sonali – Pine-Richland
Darr, Olivia – Mount Pleasant Area
Davis, Rachel – Penn Hills
D’Cunha, Hannah – Fox Chapel Area
Deiseroth, Danielle – Mount Lebanon
Delligatti, Haley – Pine-Richland
DiNardo, Doug – Chartiers-Houston
Duez, Kelly – Gateway
Duken, Julia – Pine-Richland
Dulac, Sandra – Oakland Catholic
Filippelli, Lisa – Elizabeth Forward
Fitzpatrick, Emily – Pine-Richland
Flaugher, Rebecca – Peters Township
Francette, Alex – Propel Braddock Hills
Fritz, Laura – Blackhawk
Frydrych, Victoria – Franklin Regional
Geguchadze, Kote – Pine-Richland
Gess, Melissa – Penn Hills
Gleyze, Michael – Pine-Richland
Goda, Sarah – Hickory
Grassucci, Matthew – Pine-Richland
Gupta, Ritwik – Thomas Jefferson
Gupta, Sumanyu – Thomas Jefferson
Hamilton, Sydney – Conemaugh Valley
Hartsock, John – Fox Chapel Area
Hazy, Rebecca – Belle Vernon Area
Howard, Jessica – Seneca Valley
Innes, Ryan – Chartiers-Houston
Jasionowski, Tom – Mount Lebanon
Jaskiewicz, Macy – Quigley Catholic
Jiang, Ling – Vincentian Academy
Jordan, Quinn – Hampton
Kelly, Declan – Greensburg Central Catholic
Kelly, Erin – Plum
Kuntz, Anthony – Quigley Catholic
Lee-Hauser, Cecelia – Elizabeth Forward
Leghart, Brandi – South Park
Leonard, Bianca – South Park
Loughner, Lindsay – Penn-Trafford
Malagari, Nicholas – Kiski Area
Malencia, Austin – Evangel Heights Christian Academy
Martin, Adam – Ringgold
Mason, Dillon – Beaver Falls
McDermott, Elizabeth – Thomas Jefferson
McKenna, Amanda – South Park
McNulty, Hannah – Pine-Richland
Merchant, Azfar – Mount Lebanon
Metzgar, Shea – Plum
Miller, Brian – Greensburg Salem
Miller, Megan – South Park
Miller, Nicholas – North Allegheny
Mitra, Akul – Shady Side Academy
Monahan, Connor – Uniontown
Mostowy, Amanda – Franklin Regional
Mottola, Kyle – Peters Township
Nemeth, Jake – Ligonier Valley
O’Neill, Kelly – Hempfield Area
Ozarchuk, Aimee – Woodland Hills
Ozolek, Claire – Oakland Catholic
Palombo, Sara – Gateway
Paonessa, Abigail – Conemaugh Valley
Pinto, Anthony – Ford City
Plute, Kelsey – Bentworth
Pretola, Janessa – Seneca Valley
Reagan, Serra – Elizabeth Forward
Salpietro, Nicholas – Pine-Richland
Schneider, Brandon – Montour
Severi, Cindy – Southmoreland
Sporrer, Angeline – Pine-Richland
Staines, Mara – Hempfield Area
Stathis, Xanthus – Fox Chapel Area
Stephans, Tyler – Penn-Trafford
Stevenson, Austin – Chartiers-Houston
Straatmann, Kate – Quigley Catholic
Stumpf, Alex – Ringgold
Susko, Kaleb – Chartiers-Houston
Sutton, Haley – Chartiers-Houston
Tan, Anna – Vincentian Academy
Theiss, Michelle – Plum
Turkovich, Aaron – Ringgold
Vehar, Nicole – Chartiers-Houston
Warburton, Brandi – Mount Pleasant Area
Wassel, Cody – Hempfield Area
Waters, Corri – Elizabeth Forward
Weaver, Paige – Southmoreland
Wilt, Erin – Greater Latrobe
Wygonik, Thomas – Greensburg Salem
Yi, Janice – Shady Side Academy
Zanaglio, Courtney – Chartiers-Houston

DECEMBER 1, 2012
Abraham, Matt – Hempfield Area
Alfano, Alyssa – Mohawk
Anischenko, Jonathan – Bethel Park
Arnold, Brooke – Plum
Azinger, Collin – Keystone Oaks
Bachinsky, Julianna – North Allegheny
Baker, Shakira – Carrick
Barczynski, John – North Allegheny
Barletta, Nicholas – Venango Catholic
Barnett, Sarah – Steel Valley
Baron, Stefany – Seneca Valley
Bashioum, Samuel – Bentworth
Beals, Sofia – Franklin Area
Becich, Michael – North Allegheny
Beck, Devin – Ringgold
Bevilacqua, Vincent – Avonworth
Bhayana, Mahima – Keystone Oaks
Bigler, Andrew – Keystone Oaks
Blythe, Victoria – Blackhawk
Boosel, Kaylee – Waynesburg-Central
Bovalino, Victoria – Blackhawk
Breze, Cameron – Penn-Trafford
Brizes, Jennifer – Steel Valley
Brundage, Jacob – Yough
Burkett, Andrew – Ford City
Cabral, Rizuelle – Brashear
Campbell, Brendan – Upper St. Clair
Cashman, Jennifer – Peters Township
Catalano, Ben – Greensburg Central Catholic
Colarusso, John – Shaler Area
Columbus, John – Belle Vernon Area
Corridoni, Katie – Saltsburg
Cosmides, Amanda – Avonworth
Cox, Megan – Yough
Craig, Alexandra – Baldwin
Cwalina, Caroline – North Allegheny
Debick, Katherine – Kiski Area
Denchfield, Adam – Plum
Deng, Celena – Chartiers-Houston
DeNino, Liana – Greensburg Central Catholic
Dively, William – Shady Side Academy
Donovan, Levi – Avonworth
Dudas, Connor – Ringgold
Duncan, Alicia – Brashear
Early, David – Blackhawk
Foley, Katie – Brashear
Freeman, Katie – Carrick
Furlong, Brittany – Steel Valley
Geruschat, Chelsea – Carrick
Gray, Ellen – Franklin Regional
Heberling, Sarah – Greensburg Salem
Hoey, Madeline – Quaker Valley
Holden, Anthony – Bethel Park
Horgan, Brianna – Thomas Jefferson
Horgan, Brittany – Thomas Jefferson
Houghton, Brandon – North Allegheny
Hunt, Colin – Avonworth
Johns, Christopher – West Mifflin Area
Karpinsky, Stephen – Serra Catholic
Kikel, Nina – Greensburg Central Catholic
Kohley, Hannah – Carrick
Kopaniasz, Jeffrey – Quigley Catholic
Kovello, Ashley – West Mifflin Area
Kowalewski, Douglas – Carmichaels Area
Lanuka, Justin – Montour
Le, Kevin – Keystone Oaks
LeMaster, Kayla – Baldwin
Levine, Daniel – Blackhawk
Life, Lauren – Quaker Valley
Lisle, Alyssa – Keystone Oaks
Loughner, Melanie – Penn-Trafford
Lutz, Logan – Baldwin
Malreddy, Anannya – Plum
Mannam, Pragna – Ellis
Marx, Jackie – Baldwin
Matthews, Morgan – Woodland Hills
McCullough, Lloyd – Greensburg Central Catholic
McMinn, Brennen – Carmichaels Area
Meinert, Justin – Quigley Catholic
Miner, Kaylee – Hempfield Area
Moon, Nick – McGuffey
Morozowich, Natasia – Hempfield Area
Munson, Brad – Vincentian Academy
Nahum, Amelia – Avonworth
Necciai, Clark – Belle Vernon Area
Nicassio, Lauren – Greensburg Salem
Noel, Cierra – Greensburg Salem
Omatick, Gabrielle – Geibel Catholic
Palumbi, Elizabeth – Penn-Trafford
Patton, Joshua – Brashear
Pearson, Chelsea – Steel Valley
Phillips, Jimmie – Chartiers-Houston
Phouthavong, Layla – Steel Valley
Potter, Margaret – Shaler Area
Prementine, Mikayla – Mohawk
Quinn, Alex – Quaker Valley
Raptis, Nepheli – Ellis
Remis, Abigail – Ford City
Reuter, Aiden – Pine-Richland
Rollock, Kara – Quaker Valley
Sackett, Dominick – Hempfield Area
Schratz, Victoria – Hampton
Sheffield, Austin – Greensburg Central Catholic
Shellgren, Danielle – Yough
Shupe, Tyler – Yough
Silberstein, Kyle – North Allegheny
Sokol, Amanda – Brashear
Stahl, Ethan – Beaver County Christian
Stanko, Devan – Woodland Hills
Stephenson, Michael – Bethel Park
Taylor, Shane – Peters Township
Tremel, Hannah – Brashear
Truong, Jessica – Keystone Oaks
Verenna, Eryka – Greensburg Central Catholic
Walker, Angelica – Penn Hills
Weisen, Albree – Carrick
Werley, Samuel – Avonworth
Wright, Trand – Hickory
Yamalis, Stephen – Keystone Oaks
Yaruss, Emily – Ellis
Yount, Luke – Plum
Zamboky, Robert – Lakeview Christian

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