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N-Vision Program

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To educate communities of the many benefits of nuclear energy, Westinghouse Electric Company offers its N‑Vision Program. The Program consists of the Westinghouse Speakers Bureau, Teacher Workshops, Student Workshops, N‑Visioning a Brighter Future Grant, Video Contest on Forms of Energy, and educational materials for teachers and community groups. The three facets of the program seek to answer many questions pertaining to nuclear power or energy.

Westinghouse Speakers Bureau

Knowledgeable Westinghouse employees speak to schools and community organizations in their settings on the benefits, uses and misconceptions of nuclear energy.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Electricity from Nuclear Energy
  • Electrical Safety
  • Forms of Energy
  • Careers in Engineering
  • The Fission Process
  • Low Level Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • What is Radiation?
  • The Role of Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Nuclear Safety

Prepared presentations stimulate conversation between members of the audience and the speaker, and questions are answered articulately and in layman's terms.

Here are some comments received from high school students and faculty about the Speakers Bureau:

  • I want to thank you for sending Mr. Ryan Stout our way. He presented an up-beat, interesting, kid-friendly, educational experience to my students yesterday. You will soon be able to view portions of his presentation to the students on the Haine Middle School website at From there click on Haine Middle School, special area classes, the gifted program, and finally the 6th grade program.

    Thanks again for extending this enriching and rewarding opportunity to our students.

    -Lynne Ranayhossaini
    6th. Grade Gifted
    Haine Middle School
    Seneca Valley School District

  • "I think Friday went great! The kids really enjoyed it (and the prizes were a nice surprise for them). I felt such a positive feeling from your people. They were very friendly and straightforward. It was nice to hear professionals from the field talk to our kids not just about waht they do, but how to get there.

    I would love to have you back in the fall! This is a relationship I would like to cultivate. Thanks again! It was a wonderful experience for all of us."
    -Paul Hladio
    Ambridge High School Teacher

  • "This (Student Workshop) was one of the most talked-about events we had last year, and we cannot thank you enough for the valuable experience you provided for our students. We truly look forward to your visit again this year."
    - Ann M. Bisignani, Principal
    South Fayette High School - Pennsylvania

  • "Students felt the presentations were very interesting and informative."

  • "The students really got the hands-on engineering activities presented by the speaker."

  • "A presentation was given that was geared to the high school level, which was very well done."

  • "The presenter gave an excellent presentation."

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Teacher Workshops

Held in the spring and fall, workshops educate teachers on how to instruct students on the uses and benefits of nuclear energy. Accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, teachers attending a workshop receive Continuing Professional Education Act 48 hours through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

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Student Workshops

Our N-Vision Student Workshop team, made up of a group of Westinghouse engineers, will visit schools for a one-day workshop to teach high school students in advance science and/or math the following subjects: Careers in Engineering, Forms of Energy, and What is Nuclear Energy. At least one hands-on activity will be conducted. This curriculum can change according to a teacher's needs.

Thanks for all your work in putting together the Seneca Valley N-Vision Student Workshop. My students enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from the engineers. I believe it's a very valuable experience for them to interact directly with each other. It takes a lot of the fear of the unknown out of the field. Since this was your first experience with the larger group, I hope that the experience was good for your engineers also.

-Hal Repasky
Seneca Valley High School

THANK YOU for the excellent workshop you presented for our students. Many of them have told me that they now know so much more about the field of engineering and which area they would like to concentrate on. I have also overheard them telling other students about the two "awesome" activities and the great prizes they received. They are still discussing how they would do things differently during the competitions, so their team could win. It was such a worthwhile and informative experience for our students. We truly appreciate all of your efforts. I will be in touch to set up another workshop for next year. I have already had some students ask if they could be included next time.

Thanks again,
Alice Saxon
McKeesport High School Administration

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N-Visioning a Brighter Future Grant Program

This grant will be awarded to schools that exhibit creativity in science, technology and mathematics education of middle and high school students. Five schools (middle and high) will be awarded $1,000 each for any creative project dealing with energy, math, science or technology. For more information and to apply for this grant, go to the Communities section of the Westinghouse website and click on "School Grant Program.


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Forms of Energy Video Contest

Students in middle and high schools are asked to prepare a three to five minute video on the positive forms of energy, including nuclear energy. There are two categories of entry - middle and high school levels. Each school will receive $3,000 to put towards its school's science department needs. For more information and to apply for this grant, go to the Communities section of the Westinghouse website and click on "Student Video Contest.

Video Contest Winners

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Educational Materials

Prepared and published booklets by Westinghouse Electric Company help illustrate the uses and benefits of nuclear power, as well as provide answers to several misconceptions about nuclear energy.


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Contact Us

If you have questions about the Westinghouse N‑Vision Program or want to receive a brochure or more information about any part of the program, please contact Westinghouse Electric Company Employee Communications and Community Relations on 412‑374‑6803. Alternatively, send e-mail to Communications.

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