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Customer 1st

In mid-2003, Westinghouse embarked on a journey called Customer 1st. This journey of commitment has its roots in comments we received from our customers. With the challenges they face – maintaining unprecedented levels of performance in the face of increasing competitive pressures – they need Westinghouse to continuously "raise the bar" of our performance to match theirs.

Westinghouse has changed many times over the years, and our Customer 1st journey is expected to institutionalize what we have often done successfully on an ad-hoc basis. We are making a significant investment in personnel dedicated full time to Customer 1st. We are providing training for them and for all the others who will support them, employing tools such as Six Sigma, Human Performance, Lean Enterprise, and Behavioral Differentiation.

But beyond such investments, Customer 1st is about changing the culture of our people and our company – to create a culture of continuous improvement with the goal of creating success for our customers. Customer involvement is integral to this change, both through customer advisory boards and joint programs. The ultimate measures of our mutual success will be when customers find that the quality of our deliverables has improved and that it is easier to do business with Westinghouse, leading them to say, "We see that you have changed."

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