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Reactor Vessel and Internals: Engineering

7 Results
    Ex-vessel Neutron Dosimetry Program
    NS-ES-0054 Download PDF
      Acceptable Baffle-former Bolt Pattern Analysis for Reactor Internals Evaluation
      NS-ES-0058 Download PDF
        Flaw Evaluation Handbook
        NS-ES-0062 Download PDF
          Reactor Vessel Surveillance Capsule Evaluation and Fabrication Programs
          NS-ES-0066 Download PDF
            RadTrack™ Automated System for Radiation Analysis of the Reactor Environment
            NS-ES-0098 Download PDF
              PWR Reactor Internals Aging Management Pre-inspection Engineering Package
              NS-ES-0230 Download PDF
                Radiation Engineering and Analysis
                NS-ES-0238 Download PDF

                Reactor Vessel and Internals: NDE Inspection

                11 Results
                  Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Inspection
                  NS-FS-0074 Download PDF
                    Goldfish Nozzle Inspection Manipulator
                    NS-FS-0111 Download PDF
                      A-VT Molding
                      NS-FS-0112 Download PDF
                        Visual Inspection/Testing
                        NS-FS-0113 Download PDF
                          Time-of-flight Diffraction (TOFD) Technique for Thermal Fatigue Crack Investigation
                          NS-FS-0114 Download PDF
                            T-Crawler Narrow Space Inspection Tool
                            NS-FS-0115 Download PDF
                              NDE Probes
                              NS-FS-0116 Download PDF
                                Omega 9B CNC Machining Tool
                                NS-FS-0121 Download PDF
                                  Reactor Vessel Nozzle Dissimilar Metal Weld Examination Using the SQUID™ Scanner
                                  NS-FS-0149 Download PDF
                                    Pressurized Water Reactor Internals Aging Management MRP-227-A Inspection Services
                                    NS-FS-0152 Download PDF
                                      Track-mounted ROSA™-based Examination System
                                      NS-FS-0167 Download PDF

                                      Reactor Vessel and Internals: Modification

                                      10 Results
                                        Reactor Vessel Closure Head Replacement
                                        NS-IMS-0039 Download PDF
                                          Simplified Head Assembly
                                          NS-IMS-0042 Download PDF
                                            Structural Weld Overlays
                                            NS-IMS-0048 Download PDF
                                              Mitigation Technology for Reactor Internal Components: Laser Peening
                                              NS-IMS-0055 Download PDF
                                                Underwater Laser Beam Welding
                                                NS-IMS-0050 Download PDF
                                                  Mechanical Stress Improvement Process
                                                  NS-IMS-0051 Download PDF
                                                    Guide Card Wear Inspection and Measurements
                                                    NS-IMS-0058 Download PDF
                                                      Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Repair Contingency Planning
                                                      NS-IMS-0063 Download PDF
                                                        Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Embedded Flaw Repair
                                                        NS-IMS-0064 Download PDF
                                                          Reactor Vessel Internals Lifting Rig – Replacement or Upgrades
                                                          NS-IMS-0067 Download PDF