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Working through the Pressurized Water Reactors Owners Group (PWROG), Westinghouse supports the “Delivering the Nuclear Promise” initiative by providing to the nuclear industry the latest, most complete categorization database tool for risk-informed operations.

Westinghouse 50.69 Program

Consistent with the tenets of the Delivering the Nuclear Promise initiative, Westinghouse has developed a streamlined approach to promote cost-effective, standardized implementation of the 10CFR50.69 regulation throughout the industry. This regulation allows licensees to better focus plant resources on maintaining those Structures, Systems and Components (SSCs) with high safety significance by removing safety-related SSCs with low safety significance from the scope of special treatment processes. The implementation requires a rigorous, resource-intensive categorization process.

One key aspect of the Westinghouse 50.69 Program is the introduction of the categorization database interface tool for risk informed operations. To help all nuclear operators benefit through the use of 10CFR50.69, Westinghouse developed the most complete categorization database tool for risk-informed operations available in the industry. Initially developed during pilot plant applications in 2008, the database tool guides users through the categorization process, performs input checks along the way and creates standardized reports that can be used by an Integrated Decision-making Panel to validate the conclusions of the categorization process.

The database tool has been updated to reflect the latest categorization data requirements and guidance. Westinghouse has made the tool available to the industry through the Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG). Further, the PWROG initiated a pilot project with the intent to generically categorize several systems, and this database tool will be used by Westinghouse in support of this projects.

We anticipate database users will desire additional features as the industry gains more experience with the categorization process. These features will be added through the PWROG in order to maintain a standardized database tool that provides a consistent, cost-beneficial industry approach.

The Westinghouse 50.69 Program will continue to provide streamlined, cost-effective and standardized approaches to help the industry maximize their benefits realized through the implementation of the 10CFR50.69 regulation.

To learn more about how Westinghouse is collaborating with our industry partners and supporting the 50.69 programs through the PWROG, contact James Boatwright, Automation and Engineering, Market Applications, at +1 214-542-6921.


Click the video link below to see the Demonstration of the Tool for Risk-Informed Operations.