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Fuel Outage and Field Services

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    DRWM - Dynamic Rod Worth Measurement with RhoPRO™ Reactivity Computer
    NS-ES-0292 Download PDF
      Fuel Assembly Repair
      NS-FS-0043 Download PDF
        In-mast Sipping
        NS-FS-0046 Download PDF
          Vacuum Canister Sipping Services
          NS-FS-0052 Download PDF
            Refueling for PWR/BWR TELESCOPE Sipping™ Services
            NS-FS-0053 Download PDF
              High Efficiency Ultrasonic Fuel Cleaning
              NS-FS-0085 Download PDF
                Instrument Tube Tie Rod
                NS-FS-0097 Download PDF
                  Four-faced Fuel Inspection Cavity System
                  NS-FS-0135 Download PDF
                    Instrument Tube Tie Rod
                    NS-FS-0155 Download PDF
                      Automated Fuel Inspection System Services
                      NS-FS-0157 Download PDF
                        Transfer Canal Four-face Fuel Assembly Inspection/Recording System
                        NS-FS-0172 Download PDF
                          Debris Removal inside a Fuel Assembly - FAST
                          NS-FS-0187 Download PDF
                            Westinghouse Quiver
                            Download PDF