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NDE Inspection Services (WesDyne)

27 Results
    Reactor Vessel Head Penetration Inspection
    NS-FS-0074 Download PDF
      WesDyne Construction Services
      NS-FS-0105 Download PDF
        Submersible Visual Inspection Platform
        NS-FS-0108 Download PDF
          Goldfish Nozzle Inspection Manipulator
          NS-FS-0111 Download PDF
            A-VT Molding
            NS-FS-0112 Download PDF
              Visual Inspection/Testing
              NS-FS-0113 Download PDF
                Time-of-flight Diffraction (TOFD) Technique for Thermal Fatigue Crack Investigation
                NS-FS-0114 Download PDF
                  T-Crawler Narrow Space Inspection Tool
                  NS-FS-0115 Download PDF
                    NDE Probes
                    NS-FS-0116 Download PDF
                      BWR Filet Weld Inspection (CoolMan Manipulator)
                      NS-FS-0117 Download PDF
                        Motor Control Panel
                        NS-FS-0118 Download PDF
                          Bottom Evaluation and Suction Tool
                          NS-FS-0119 Download PDF
                            Visual Inspection Services
                            NS-FS-0137 Download PDF
                              Reactor Vessel Nozzle Dissimilar Metal Weld Examination Using the SQUID™ Scanner
                              NS-FS-0149 Download PDF
                                Balance of Plant and In-service Inspections
                                NS-FS-0150 Download PDF
                                  Pressurized Water Reactor Internals Aging Management MRP-227-A Inspection Services
                                  NS-FS-0152 Download PDF
                                    Track-mounted ROSA™-based Examination System
                                    NS-FS-0167 Download PDF
                                      Replica Process 3D Measurement of Erosion Wear
                                      NS-FS-0176 Download PDF
                                        Underwater Visual Inspection System- MIDAS II, IV and V
                                        NS-FS-0177 Download PDF
                                          Tube Profilometry of Steam Generators and Heat Exchangers
                                          NS-FS-0178 Download PDF
                                            Automated Train Axle ISI
                                            NS-FS-0179 Download PDF
                                              J-slot Pole System Kit
                                              NS-FS-0180 Download PDF
                                                NEMO Inspection System
                                                NS-FS-0181 Download PDF
                                                  SM5/KKL Manipulator/BWR 6 OD Nozzle Configuration
                                                  NS-FS-0182 Download PDF
                                                    Rapid Response Capability
                                                    NS-FS-0183 Download PDF
                                                      Standard Inspection
                                                      NS-FS-0184 Download PDF
                                                        Debris Uptake Suction Tool
                                                        NS-FS-0175 Download PDF

                                                        BOP Outage Services

                                                        10 Results
                                                          Buried Pipe Inspection Capabilities
                                                          NS-FS-0134 Download PDF
                                                            Excavated Pipe or Empty Storage Tank Exams
                                                            NS-FS-0138 Download PDF
                                                              IntraSpect™ C-MAPPS Data Acquisition System
                                                              NS-FS-0139 Download PDF
                                                                Electromagnetic Technology for Pipe Exams
                                                                NS-FS-0140 Download PDF
                                                                  High Density Polyethylene Inspections
                                                                  NS-FS-0141 Download PDF
                                                                    Lamb Wave Crawler
                                                                    NS-FS-0142 Download PDF
                                                                      Navigator Scanner™
                                                                      NS-FS-0143 Download PDF
                                                                        Buried Pipe and Storage Tank Inspection Capabilities
                                                                        NS-FS-0144 Download PDF
                                                                          Tank Inspection Services
                                                                          NS-FS-0145 Download PDF
                                                                            Balance of Plant and In-service Inspections
                                                                            NS-FS-0150 Download PDF

                                                                            Turbine Generator Services

                                                                            1 Results
                                                                              Turbine Generator Services
                                                                              NS-FS-0151 Download PDF