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Nuclear Power Plant Equipment

Nuclear Power Plant Equipment and Replacement Parts

Westinghouse offers cost-effective solutions to modernize, upgrade and address obsolescence issues in order to extend the life, reduce operating costs and maximize uptime of existing plants through:

  • 30-plus years of experience with a focus on replacement parts and system upgrades for existing operating plants
  • Continued investment in innovation to develop readily available spare parts and components for instrumentation and control, electrical and mechanical systems 
  • Retention of original design basis information coupled with industry-leading, commercial-grade dedication and equipment-qualification programs
  • Strong partnerships and formal technical agreements with original equipment manufacturer allowing access to proprietary manufacturing and design information
  • Westinghouse maintains rapid EIDMS™ (Equipment Identification and Data Management System), an extensive online catalog of nuclear industry parts and services. 

Rapid EIDMS Online Parts Catalog: More Than 100,000 Parts on rapid EIDMS™

Westinghouse maintains rapid EIDMS™ (Equipment Identification and Data Management System), an extensive online catalog of nuclear industry parts and services that provides utility customers with information and pricing on equipment and materials that nuclear steam supply systems and commercial nuclear power plants use.

Westinghouse has maintained a parts catalog for more than 25 years, and the technologically advanced rapid EIDMS™ catalog contains information on the features and availability of more than 100,000 vintage and new parts as well as equipment and services. Rapid EIDMS™ provides identifying information and prices for materials that are used in commerical nuclear power plants.

Rapid EIDMS™ can be used as an online materials catalog. In addition, rapid EIDMS™ can be used to inquire on the status of customer orders placed with Westinghouse Nuclear Replacement Parts.

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