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The people and facilities of the Science and Technology Department support our commercial nuclear industry clients' research needs in five areas:

Energy Systems personnel provide support for the design of advanced nuclear power reactors; basic technology development in nuclear engineering; non-destructive evaluation of nuclear-related materials; thermal-hydraulic and structural analysis and testing; the use of robotics in nuclear-power applications; and development of advanced nuclear sensors and systems.

Chemical Processing expertise covers the entire field of chemical engineering as applied to nuclear reactor systems; the processing of nuclear fuel at the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle (before use in reactor); the processing of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste products (after use in reactor); and all the supporting technologies used in the safe and environmentally responsible chemical processing of nuclear materials.

Materials and Corrosion studies include chemical modeling; corrosion testing in autoclaves; chemical decontamination evaluation; characterization of steam generator and nuclear fuel deposits; the metallurgy of zirconium alloys that are used in nuclear reactors; and the characterization of materials in general.

Materials Reliability focuses on the evaluation of irradiation effects on materials and on component failure analysis. The department operates beta/gamma hot cells for the benefit of its clients, and operates comprehensive mechanical testing facilities.

Decision Analysis applies the tools of mathematics and computer technology to the analysis of decision-making and risk; statistics and probability analysis; economic modeling and forecasting; and simulation and optimization modeling.

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