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Nuclear Fuel - Sweden Operations

A vital part of Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel is the Westinghouse Sweden Nuclear Fuel Factory, situated in Västerås, Sweden. The Fuel Factory manufactures fuel assemblies for PWRs and BWRs, and fuel channels and control rods for BWRs.

Nuclear Fuel (Sweden Operations, BWR and PWR Fuel Products and Fuel Engineering) in Västerås is responsible for the entire chain from research and development to manufacturing of nuclear fuel for Boiling Water Reactors and Pressurized Water Reactors, as well as control rods and fuel channels for BWR plants including codes for core surveillance.

Westinghouse Sweden has been manufacturing fuel since the mid-1960s. The present fuel factory has been in operation since 1971, and has continuously been expanded and modernized. Systems, processes and equipment, both for fabrication and inspection are largely of Westinghouse Sweden design, and are highly mechanized and automated.

The factory produces approximately 400 tons of UO2 fuel for BWRs abd PWRs per year. In the conversion of UF6 into UO2 powder, the capacity as well as the plant license is limited to 600 tons UO2.

Westinghouse Sweden's Quality Assurance System ensures that all products are designed, fabricated, inspected and delivered in accordance with the requirements of US NRC 10CFR 50 Appendix B, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IAEA Safety Guide 50-C-QA, ANSI ASME NQ A-1 and KTA 1401.

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