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Westinghouse Nuclear Services deploys people, technology, and equipment to help our customers keep their nuclear power plants operating safely and competitively worldwide. Our many worldwide locations enable us to implement global technology solutions locally. Primary locations include:

1000 Westinghouse Drive, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, USA
Headquarters for Westinghouse Electric Company, including Nuclear Services operations.

Waltz Mill, Madison, Pennsylvania, USA
The Westinghouse Waltz Mill Site presently quarters approximately 700 engineers, technicians and service support personnel. It is a center of excellence for field service technology, steam generator services, PWR reactor services, rotating equipment services, plant services and training. It also is the U.S. headquarters for subsidiary WesDyne International.

New Stanton, Pennsylvania, USA
Nearly 150 Engineering Services employees are based at this site and provide high-quality, cost-effective nuclear plant replacement parts.

Windsor, Connecticut, USA
Nuclear Services' capabilities in Windsor focus on system, component and nuclear safety analyses, as well as licensing activities, along with research and development and training for Field Services.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
The Spartanburg Service Center is a repair center for nuclear equipment, offering customers off-site repair, refurbishment, testing and calibration services.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
The U.S. BWR Service Center in Chattanooga offers 65,000 square feet of shop floor, a full-scale BWR cavity with vessel, internals, spent fuel pool and refueling bridge; two, 33-ton cranes; and an undervessel mock-up. A training institute for welders - the WEC Welding Institute - also is located here.

Rockville, Maryland, USA
The Westinghouse Rockville office provides a regional presence for licensing and Owners Group administrative support.

Nivelles, Belgium
The Westinghouse Electric Belgium office provides engineering support to nuclear power utilities in Europe and worldwide. Activities include structural and safety analysis; materials and fracture analysis; plant aging management and life extension; repair or replacement of major components; systems power uprating; and efficiency analysis. Ideally located, the center supports Westinghouse Field Services efforts at European operating reactors.

The Nivelles Service Center has two fully licensed Class 2 nuclear facilities, including the 2,000-square-meter European Pump and Motor Maintenance and Repair Center. Inaugurated in January 2010, this high-tech facility teeming with innovative services offers unique solutions to our European customers.

Westinghouse Electric Belgium employs a multi-national workforce of approximately 200 employees.

Västerås, Sweden
Technology center for BWR control and protection system, AC450 product expertise, and project management for Nordic countries. Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB has more than 800 employees engaged in the worldwide Westinghouse nuclear business, and is a Center of Excellence for Boiling Water Reactor technology.

Mannheim, Germany
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Westinghouse Electric Germany belongs to the globally acting Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. Headquartered in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA. Westinghouse employs more than 9,000 people in the areas of nuclear services, engineering services, nuclear fuels and nuclear plants.

Westinghouse Electric Germany is part of Nuclear Services and has approximately 350 employees with more than 30 successful years in the areas of field services, engineering services and nuclear automation.

Orsay, France
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Westinghouse France operates in the areas of field services, engineering services, fuel assemblies control and repair, and repair, replacement and automation services. It employs 350 people located in Orsay, Lyon and Marseille.

Westinghouse France is currently one of the few companies qualified to conduct steam generator inspections in France and it diversifies its scope developing leading edge field services and engineering activities.

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