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Nuclear Replacement Parts Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins update, supplement or revise information necessary for installation, operating, maintaining or repairing Westinghouse supplied components or systems.

A condensed list of Technical Bulletins particularly relevant to RRAS systems and products is provided below.

For a complete list of Technical Bulletins or copies of particular bulletins, contact your Nuclear Replacement Parts Specialist.

Westinghouse also offers a password protected website containing these technical bulletins, as well as Nuclear Safety Advisory Letters and InfoGrams. Please complete the form below and return as indicated on the form for access to the site.
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Rod Control Systems
DB Breakers
DS Breakers
DHP Breakers
Electrical Components
Reactor Coolant Pumps and Seals
Reactor Coolant Pump Motors
Other Westinghouse Systems

Number and Revision Date
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
TB-03-5 06/24/03
Superceded by TB-04-13, (Replacement Solutions for Obsolete AB-Deion (Classic Molded Case) Circuit Breakers and UL Testing Issues)
TB-04-13 06/28/04
Replacement Solutions for Obsolete Classic Molded Case Circuit Breakers, UL Testing Issues, Breaker Design Life and Trip Band Adjustment
Rod Control Systems
77-03-R0 02/16/77
RCCA/Drive Rod Uncoupling
77-14-R0 10/10/77
CRDM Misstepping
78-02-R0 03/07/78
Control Rod Drive Mechanism Polarity Tests
87-10-R0 08/17/87
Lambda Power Supplies
87-12-R0 12/07/87
SSRC 24 VDC Power Supply-To-Neutral Wiring
89-06-R0 11/01/89
Termi-Point Clips Installation Check
93-03-R0 08/10/93
Rod Control - Single Rod Withdrawal
94-05-R0 05/06/94
Rod Control - CRDM Timing Change
94-05-ADA-R0 10/20/94
Rod Control - CRDM Timing Change
00-03 07/31/00
Stationary/Moveable Gripper Blocking Diodes
02-6 07/24/02
Rod Control System Gripper Circuit Fuses
DB Breakers
79-02 04/17/79
Westinghouse DB Breakers - Overcurrent Devices
83-02-R1 09/13/83
DB-50 Reactor Trip Breaker Maintenance
83-03-R0 03/24/83
Westinghouse DB & DS Circuit Breaker Shunt & Undervoltage (UV) Coils
88-04-R0 08/09/88
Direct Trip Actuator Installation
91-03-R0 04/22/91
DB Breaker Secondary Contact Failure
92-04-R0 05/18/92
DB Breaker Maintenance
92-06-R0 06/16/92
Westinghouse Type LS and LSG Amptectors
93-05-R0 01/10/94
Unauthorized Switchgear Maintenance Manuals
99-01 02/04/99
DB-75/100 Circuit Breaker Center Trip Pad
99-05 08/23/99
DB-50 Breaker Minimum Trip Force and Seismic Enhancements
01-01-R1 02/09/01
Amptector Trip Units
DS Breakers
75-02-R0 02/20/75
DS Breaker Problems
83-03-R0 03/24/83
Westinghouse DB & DS Circuit Breaker Shunt & Undervoltage (UV) Coils
84-02-R1 04/13/84
DS/DSL Breakers-Potential Wire Damage
85-17-R0 08/14/85
DS-Breaker Spring Release Latch Lever
87-11-R0 12/01/87
DS/DSL Breaker Pole Shaft Welds
88-04-R0 08/09/88
Direct Trip Actuator Installation
88-05-R0 08/09/88
DS/DSL Breaker Amptector/Direct Trip Actuator Compatibility
88-07-R0 12/16/88
DS Breaker Mechanical Binding of Spring Release Device (SRD)
91-06-R0 09/24/91
DS-206 and DSL-206 Breakers - Mechanical Friction of Main Contact Assemblies
92-06-R0 06/16/92
Westinghouse Type LS and LSG Amptectors
93-05-R0 01/10/94
Unauthorized Switchgear Maintenance Manuals
98-02 07/22/98
DS Breaker Main Contact Adjustment
00-01-R0 04/24/00
Westinghouse DS Circuit Breaker Issues
01-01-R1 02/09/01
Amptector Trip Units
DHP Breakers
96-05-R0 06/19/96
DHP Breakers: Levering-In Device
97-04-R0 05/30/97
DHP Breakers: Motor Cut-Off Switch & Indicator
Electrical Components
74-10-R0 09/09/74
W-2 Switch Starwheel Failures
75-04-R0 03/21/75
Westinghouse Type OT 2 Switches
75-13-R0 09/21/75
W-2 Switches with Pull to Neutral
77-10-R0 07/21/77
AR-Relays with Latch Attachments
79-05-R0 08/14/79
NBFD Relays
80-09-R1 02/16/81
W-2 Switch (With Spring Return to Neutral)
82-03-R1 12/14-82
AR Relay Latch Attachments
74-10-R1 02/13/98
W-2 Switch Starwheel Failures
00-05 10/05/01
Change in BF Relay Coil Design
Reactor Coolant Pumps and Seals
75-01 01/31/75
Reactor Coolant Pump Thermal Barrier
75-03 02/27/75
Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) Vibration Limits
for Type 93 & 93A Pumps
75-05 05/19/75
Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) Leakoff Isolation
75-05 Supp. A 06/13/75
Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) Leakoff Isolation
75-08 08/18/75
Reactor Coolant Pump Seals (Matches ring and
runners not required for No. 2 and No. 3 seals)
75-15 10/21/75
Seal Injection During Plant Fill Operation
76-11-R1 08/12/76
Models 93, 93A, 93A-1, and 100 RCP No. 1 Seal
Starting Parameters
76-14 11/15/76
Seal Shimpack Increase on RCP
80-10 09/25/80
Reactor Coolant Pump No. 1 Seal Bypass Valve
82-05 12/28/82
Reactor Coolant Pump Shaft Seals (Aluminum Oxide Coated Nos. 2 and 3 Runners)
83-01 02/10/83
Reactor Coolant Pump Diffuser Adapter Bolts
83-08 10/11/83
93D Reactor Coolant Pumps Main Flange Studs
83-10 12/02/83
Reactor Coolant Pumps (Lubrication and torque of No. 1 runner shoulder bolts)
85-02 01/25/85
Reactor Coolant Pumps Lockwashers
85-03 01/25/85
Reactor Coolant Pump Coupling Advance
85-04 01/25/85
Reactor Coolant Pumps Spool/Coupling Dowels
85-05-R1 09/23/85
Reactor Coolant Pumps #2 Seal Upgrade
85-06 01/28/85
Reactor Coolant Pumps Number 1 Seal
85-15 06/17/85
Reactor Coolant Pump Shaft Seals (Seal sleeves and spacers)
86-05 07/02/86
RCP Cartridge Seal Type Pumps - Shaft Centering Fixture
91-04-R2 11/11/02
Reactor Coolant Pump Main Flange Joint Integrity
91-07-R1 06/18/92
Overpressurization of RCP #1 Seal Leakoff Line
93-01-R1 10/10/95
Revised Procedures for RCP Shutdown With No. 1 Seal Leakage Outside Operating Limits
94-06-R0 08/11/94
Model 93A RCP Turning Valve Bolt IGSCC Issue
94-07-R0 10/11/94
Model 93A-1 RCP Turning Vane Cap Screw IGSCC and Lock Cup Issues
96-01-R1 02/13/98
Early Production model 93A Bearing RTD Thermowell Leakage
96-02-R2 10/14/02
Thermal Barier/No. 1 Seal Housing Joint Gasket
99-03 04/26/99
Reactor Coolant Pump Thermal Barrier Cracking
99-04 08/23/99
Loose Impeller on RCPs
Reactor Coolant Pump Motors
73-13-R1 08/01/73
Reactor Coolant Pump Motors (Barksdale pressure switch Bourdon tube failure)
75-18 12/30/75
Reactor Coolant Pump Motors (Starting Limits)
77-06 05/06/77
Maintenance in the Vicinity of Reactor Coolant Pump Motors
81-02 01/26/81
Maintenance of RCP Motor Oil Coolers
81-05 04/24/81
Bearing Insulation
82-04 09/23/82
Gasket Materials
85-01 01/15/85
Reactor Coolant Pumps - Swing Check
92-03-R1 04/13/94
Undervoltage Trip Protection
92-10-R0 09/18/92
Reactor Coolant Pump Motor Airshields
96-06-R0 06/25/96
RCP Motor Upper Bearing Oil Cooler Packing
Other Westinghouse Systems
75-14-R1 07/30/79
Capacitors In 7100 Series Equipment
83-04-R0 06/15/83
7300 Series NLP-G03(Loop Power Supply)
85-09-R0 03/27/85
SSPS Extender Board Redesign
85-16-R0 07/31/85
SPS Undervoltage Output Driver Card
86-01-R0 02/27/86
Nuclear Instrumentation System Field Problems
87-04-R0 05/20/87
Potential Short - Manual/Automatic Control
Stations - 7100 Series
88-02-R0 05/05/88
Solid State Protection System Wiring
89-03-R0 02/17/89
Source/Intermediate Excore Detector Housing Modification
89-08-R0 11/10/89
Anomaly of Tests In The SSPS
92-07-R0 12/21/92
7300 Series NTC, Temperature Channel Test Card
97-07-R0 11/03/97
SSPS P-8 Testing
97-09-R0 12/17/97
SSPS Testing for Feedwater Isolation
98-01-R1 11/09/98
SSPS Testing for P-4 Field Contact Input
96-04-R1 11/09/98
Undervoltage Driver Board
01-03 08/02/01
Safeguards Driver Board
01-05 09/19/01
7300 Printed Circuit Cards
02-5 07/12/02
Basler Power Supplies

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