Why Nuclear?

Nuclear energy plays a key role in the supply of safe, clean and reliable electricity.

With world population expected to grow 25 percent in the next 20 years, the demand for electricity is expected to nearly double by 2030. To meet that demand, the supply of safe, clean and reliable electricity is essential. Increased economic output and improved standards of living will put a strain on the current energy supply, and with such a significant increase in energy demand, carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses must be reduced to avoid any additional negative environmental impact.

Nuclear energy is the largest source of clean energy available. No other source can come close to its generating capacity. Consider this:

  • Nuclear has the highest capacity factors, or availability, of any source of electricity. It’s available 90 percent of the time, compared to 34 percent for wind and just 25 percent for solar. 
  • Nuclear has the lowest production costs of any generating source.
  • Uranium, used to make nuclear fuel, has stable prices and is abundant worldwide, thus providing a high degree of energy security.

Westinghouse believes that the best energy policy is one that makes use of a balanced mix of generating sources. We’re proud to be the leading supplier of nuclear power plants that are helping the world meet electricity demand without emitting harmful greenhouse gasses. 

Interested in more information about how nuclear power plants work or the types of careers that are available in the industry?  Click here for more information and resources.  




Nuclear energy is the largest source of clean electricity in the world. No carbon emissions, and no air pollution. Just safe, clean, and reliable electricity. 

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Safety is a part of everything we do. It's a part of our operations, our processes, and the products and services we supply.

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No other generating source is more reliable than nuclear energy.  

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Did you know that nuclear plant construction creates and sustains thousands of jobs?

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