Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and integrity transcend everything we do – they are central to our success as individuals in our work and personal lives, and to the success of Westinghouse as a global leader in nuclear energy. Our vision is to be the industry’s first choice for providing clean, safe, and environmentally sustainable energy programs now and into the future. Ethics, integrity, and diversity are fundamental to achieving this vision. Integrity is at our very core and reflects the proud heritage of this company and its people.

Our Global Ethics and Compliance Program is the tool we use to make sure we keep that promise every day, in every decision we make. Every Westinghouse employee is required to understand what it means to act with integrity, to adhere to our Global Ethics Code, policies and procedures, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our Global Ethics and Compliance Program consists of the following elements:

Global Ethics Code

This Global Ethics Code is a key element of our Ethics and Compliance Program. Our Code is a guide to everyday work decision making and is built on our corporate values along with a simple commitment: always conduct business with Integrity at Our Core. Our Code and the responsibility to live its principles apply to every employee of Westinghouse, its domestic and foreign wholly-owned or controlled affiliates, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. The Code also applies to our officers and the Board of Directors. We expect contractors, consultants, agents, suppliers, and other business partners working with or on behalf of Westinghouse to comply with the spirit of our Code.

thumb_gec The Global Ethics Code is available for download in 10 languages.

Ethics and Concerns Helpline

The Global Ethics and Concerns Helpline is a mechanism for employees and business partners of Westinghouse to ask questions and report compliance violations such as anti-trust issues, bribery of government officials, commercial corruption, financial fraud, and falsification of non-financial records. Westinghouse’s Global Ethics and Concerns Helpline is independently administered and available 24/7/365. All matters can be reported confidentially. Westinghouse has a zero retaliation policy for raising concerns in good faith.

  • Belgium 0800-795-09
  • China 400-120-9155
  • France 0805-080231
  • Germany 0800-181-0543
  • Italy 800-581-497
  • Japan 0800-100-0047
  • South Korea 080-808-0924
  • Spain 900-839026
  • Sweden 020-888-544
  • Ukraine 0-800-501034
  • United Kingdom 0-808-189-1254
  • United States 1-800-258-1309

The Helpline Card is available for download in local language for the 12 country helplines.

Other methods to submit reports:




Global Ethics and Compliance Organization
Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC
1000 Westinghouse Drive
Cranberry Township, PA 16066-5528

Anti-Corruption Program

Westinghouse has a ZERO tolerance policy for any and all forms of bribery and corruption. Our employees follow the Westinghouse Anti-Corruption Policy [link to downloads page when policy available] and abide by all anti-corruption/anti-bribery laws in countries where we do business. These include the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, as well as other international anti-corruption/anti-bribery laws. In addition to zero tolerance for bribery, Westinghouse also prohibits facilitating payments. These are small payments to government officials to encourage them to perform actions that they are already required to perform.

The Anti-Corruption Policy provides guidelines for handling situations with a risk for corruption. These guidelines apply to all Westinghouse employees and independent third parties who work on Westinghouse’s behalf.

Trade Compliance

Westinghouse expects its employees to comply with the trade compliance laws in the countries where we do business. The Trade Compliance Program at Westinghouse ensures adherence to laws and regulations controlling the export and import of goods, software, and technology across all borders. The Trade Compliance Program provides employees with guidance in the following areas:

Trade Compliance