Nuclear Components Manufacturing

All of the Westinghouse operations throughout the world play key roles in helping to keep the nuclear industry running smoothly. Whether it’s our fuel operations, research labs, service centers or manufacturing facilities, each site brings its unique set of capabilities to deliver components for both new build projects and operating plants.

Our facilities in New Hampshire (USA) are where much of Westinghouse nuclear components manufacturing takes place. These facilities pump out reactor vessel internals assemblies standing more than 30 feet tall and weighing 70 tons, to small specialty items such as reactor coolant pump lock plugs that can be held in the palm of your hand. With 200,000 square feet in three manufacturing buildings in both Newington and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our people here are dedicated to quality in everything that goes out the door.

Westinghouse employs the best welders, machinists and manufacturing technicians in the industry, and they are on-hand to support critical needs around the clock. Whether a replacement part is needed, a damaged component is found during an outage, or you’re placing your next routine order, Westinghouse has the facilities and the experience to deliver what you need.

For more information, contact Brad Kunkel, Manager of Business Operations at +1 (603) 427-7860 or email him at