The Art of Innovation: Advanced Logic System (ALS) Platform

Taking Action to Keep a Nuclear Plant Safe

Like the human brain, which carefully monitors your body and takes the appropriate action to keep you safe, the Advanced Logic System (ALS) platform monitors the key parameters of the plant and take action to shut it down if the plant is going beyond safe operating limits.

The ALS platform is the next generation logic-based platform that relies on using simple hardware architecture instead of a microprocessor or software for operation.

It uses logic implemented through field programmable gate array technology, and has been approved by the U.S. NRC as an acceptable approach to address diversity and defense-in-depth concerns within digital safety system applications. The ALS platform also is scalable, as ALS-based solutions can provide single-system replacements or full safety instrumentation and control replacement.

The ALS solution targets safety-critical systems, where reliability and integrity are of the highest importance. It incorporates advanced features to allow for diagnostics, testability and modularity. Diagnostics and testing capabilities are designed into the ALS platform to provide a systematic approach to maintaining and testing the system. It is designed to be at the appropriate level of complexity to achieve high reliability and integrity, and to allow flexibility to target multiple safety-critical applications within a given plant.

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