The Art of Innovation: AP1000® Power Plant Modular by Design

One of the AP1000 plant’s innovative design features is its use of modern, modular-construction techniques. Modularization is the key to supporting delivery certainty for the construction of the plant. The modular design incorporates vendor-designed skids and equipment packages, as well as large, multi-ton structural modules and special-equipment modules.

Modularization allows construction tasks that were traditionally performed in sequence to be completed in parallel. Factory-built modules can be installed at the site in a planned construction schedule, leading to increased safety, better schedule predictability and improved quality.

Modularization also can reduce calendar time for plant construction, thereby reducing costs and the exposure risks associated with plant financing. In addition to the cost savings, more welding and fabrication activities performed in a factory environment increases the quality control of the work, improves the flexibility in scheduling, and reduces the amount of specialized tools on site.

AP1000 plant construction utilizes modular construction techniques, such as the lift and set of the CA01 module shown in the above photo at V.C. Summer Unit 2 near Jenkinsville, South Carolina (USA). The module will house two steam generators and other plant equipment.