Trust Our Experience to Treat Your Nuclear Legacy

For more than 30 years, customers have trusted their legacy – and their brand – to Westinghouse’s experience in decommissioning and waste management.

Utilities, government & radwaste agencies and research centers worldwide have trusted Westinghouse’s innovative solutions to solve their most complex end-of-life challenges.

Our extensive experience in decommissioning nuclear power plants and facilities includes pressurized water reactors, boiling water reactors, gas-cooled reactors, sodium-cooled reactors, research reactors and fuel fabrication plants.

Westinghouse provides a wide range of services and products, enabling us to cover the entire Decommissioning, Decontamination (D&D) and Waste & Spent Fuel Management (WM) value chain. We have the global experience you can trust for completing projects in an efficient manner from, planning your decommissioning program to returning your site to green field. Our capabilities include:

  • Decommissioning planning: As a global D&D and WM supplier, we have performed decommissioning plans for all types of nuclear power plants and facilities in order to provide the optimum dismantling strategy and associated costs.

  • Chemical decontamination: Westinghouse has used chemical decontamination processes for more than 30 years and has provided chemical decontamination services for more than 400 BWR systems and 50 PWR systems. The Westinghouse Richland Service Center specializes in a variety of applications, ranging from individual component to full-system decontaminations.

  • Spent fuel management: Our spent fuel management capabilities include cask loading and welding services, centralized interim storage facility design and construction, fuel inspection and repair. Westinghouse has qualified personnel and tooling for executing these multiple activities to the highest standards.

  • Advanced solutions for low- and intermediate-level waste: Westinghouse has developed advanced solutions for low and intermediate level waste (solid, liquid and gaseous) treatment, interim storage and final disposal. Our engineering solutions reduce disposal costs and provide enhanced radiation safety.

  • Dismantling of heavy components: We are recognized as a world leader for dismantling of heavy components, including reactor vessels and internals, and steam generators of all types of plants.

  • Remediation: Westinghouse has a range of remediation experience with plant sites, facilities, and uranium mines and mills. We provide support for final building and soil remediation leading to achievement of site release.

Westinghouse developed its D&D and WM competencies over the past three decades by listening and understanding the needs of its customers like you. Trust your legacy – and your brand – to the expertise of Westinghouse. For more information, contact Joseph Boucau, director, Global D&D and Waste Management Business Development to discuss how Westinghouse decommissioning, dismantling and waste management solutions can benefit you.