Westinghouse CEO Speaks at White House Nuclear Energy Summit

Touts Role of Nuclear in Combating Climate Change

Danny Roderick, Westinghouse Electric Company president and CEO, drove home the message that nuclear energy is a vital resource in combating climate change globally.

During the White House Summit on Nuclear Energy in Washington, D.C., Nov. 6, Roderick also spoke of the economic engine that is nuclear, fortifying statements of fellow Summit panelists with his company’s own industry-leading experiences.

Roderick reinforced the need to heed the expanding energy cliff that faces the United States in near decades.

“As a nation, we must acknowledge that aging coal plants soon will go offline, and aging nuclear plants will retire,” stated Roderick. “Every nuclear plant that closes equates to throwing away three percent of the clean air generated in this country. That should embarrass all of us.”

Roderick then challenged the nation to act today to ensure America can deliver in 20 years the necessary flow of safe, clean, dependable and affordable baseload energy that only nuclear energy provides.

For more, watch Roderick and other honored panelists presenting at the White House Nuclear Energy Summit: