NRC Completes Acceptance Review of AP1000 Seismic Option

PITTSBURGH, December 21, 2015Westinghouse Electric Company LLC today announced that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has completed an acceptance review of the company’s Specialized Seismic Option developed for offering with AP1000® nuclear power plants. This step will allow the NRC to begin the in-depth review required prior to issuing the formal Safety Evaluation report.

“The NRC’s acceptance review of the Specialized Seismic Option is an important step forward with our plans to bring AP1000 plants to more locations across the globe,” said Jeff Benjamin, Westinghouse senior vice president, New Plants and Major Projects. “This option will allow people living in areas with higher seismic activity to benefit from the carbon-free energy produced from our safe and reliable technology.”

Westinghouse developed the Specialized Seismic Option for use in locations with seismic levels similar to those typical of certain portions of the western United States and other global markets, and submitted the license application to the NRC in September.

Westinghouse and Toshiba Corporation are working collaboratively on a limited number of customized materials and/or reinforcements that will allow new units to be built in areas that have a higher seismic condition. This Specialized Seismic Option will provide the same advanced safety features, modular design and simplified systems as the standard, NRC-certified AP1000 plant technology.

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