Westinghouse Captures TVA Fleet Contract

PITTSBURGH, March 16, 2016Westinghouse Electric Company has been selected by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide steam generator inspection and maintenance services for the Westinghouse-designed pressurized water reactors at Watts Bar Units 1 and 2 and Sequoyah Units 1 and 2. The contract covers the period 2016 through 2021.

“We are pleased to provide Watts Bar Units 1 and 2 and Sequoyah Units 1 and 2 with outage services that have potential for significant cost savings and further enhanced safety during outages so that they may continue to provide safe, clean, reliable and economic energy to the people of the Tennessee Valley,” said Mark Marano, Westinghouse president, Americas Region.

Recently Westinghouse won a key TVA refueling outage and inspection contract. Together, these two contracts provide important services that help ensure that the Watts Bar and Sequoyah units operate safely and dependably.

“Outage management products and services, including our Zephyr Advanced Acquisition System to be used in this TVA contract, are important parts of the Westinghouse portfolio of services that support the long-term operation of nuclear power plants,” said David Howell, Westinghouse senior vice president, Operating Plants Business.

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