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Westinghouse provides many advantages through more than 30 years of project experience in PWR, BWR, GCR and sodium-cooled nuclear power plant reactor vessel internals segmentation and packaging.

In addition to the skill and talent of the company’s staff in this area, Westinghouse offers:

  • Layout and technical design of remote-controlled handling, lifting and cutting devices
  • Segmentation and packaging plans
  • Assembly, start-up, training and operation of integrated dismantling facilities
  • Segmentation work on-site
  • Calculation and layout of radiological shielding
  • Support and management of dismantling and decommissioning licensing processes
  • Transportation container design and procurement
  • Overall project management for large projects
  • Heavy lifting
  • Health physics

Additional Resources

Nuclear Engineering International: Breaking up Barsebäck

Read about how Westinghouse successfully completed, safely and ahead of schedule, the first reactor internals segmentation project to be performed on a commercial unit in Sweden at unit 2 of the Barsebäck nuclear power plant.

BWR Reactor Pressure Vessel Internals Segmentation and Packaging

PWR Reactor Vessel Internals Segmentation and Packaging

Nuclear Engineering International: Innovative D&D at Bohunice V1

Westinghouse is working on the first VVER-440 units to be dismantled and the company’s largest dismantling project to date at Slovakia’s Bohunice V1 plant.

NEI: Westinghouse Bohunice V1