Engineering Design Change Package

The Westinghouse Solution

The Westinghouse BOP and Design Engineering Product Line has performed major engineering and design, plant modifications and upgrade work at many PWR and BWR nuclear stations. We have proven experience and detailed lessons learned developed from many projects that provide our clients with an extensive pool of resources best prepared to apply industry best practices honed through hands-on background. Our expertise lies in design, engineering and constructing plant modifications that improve plant performance and extend plant life. The successful design of plant modifications requires a thorough understanding of plant design basis, licensing commitments, construction, testing, power plant equipment, and plant operations.

Westinghouse is one of the few organizations that possess a full capability of experienced multidiscipline engineers and equipment specialists who can develop design modifications with all associated analysis and detailed design documentation required. Westinghouse has the backing of more than 200 Specialists and Subject Matter Experts (SME) who are nationally recognized experts that support a broad client base. These specialists are capable of resolving emergent technical issues with expert advice, analyses and or engineering and design to implement plant modifications to resolve or improve plant performance issues. Westinghouse offers unparalleled, integrated, and seamless execution of your engineering and design plant modifications.

Westinghouse adopted the NEI IP-ENG-001 Standard Design Process (SDP) within the Westinghouse Global Management System (WGMS) and Quality Management System (QMS). Westinghouse procedure W2-8.1-101 “Design and Development Process” was updated with reference to work instruction W2-8.1-101.W03 “Design and Development Work Instruction for the Nuclear Energy Institute Standard Design Process”. This work instruction gives the interface requirements between the Westinghouse WGMS/QMS and the NEI SDP. It also provides requirements for becoming qualified to prepare engineering changes.

Westinghouse’s qualification in the NEI SDP uses the Industry Mentoring Guide and includes required training in the applicable Westinghouse quality documents and procedures. Westinghouse has designated several mentors who have sufficient experience in the engineering change process and can act as experts within the qualification system.

Westinghouse has adopted the following forms and documents into our electronic document management system:

  • Advanced Work Authorization Form
  • Standard Design Process Tier 2 Design Attributes Review
  • DOWG 16-01 Resource Manual for IP-ENG-001
  • Comment / Equivalent Change Package
  • Commercial Change Package
  • Design Change Package
  • Field Change Request
  • Common Design Package
  • IP-ENG-001

Westinghouse’s internal qualification of the SDP benefits our client by allowing Westinghouse to author, verify and approve the SDP forms under the Westinghouse QMS. This reduces the costs of qualifying, training, and maintaining the requirements to perform DCP activities. In addition, this qualification gives further flexibility in resource utilization.

SDP Qualified engineers can be used from the home office to perform DCP tasks in the event of a large influx of emergent work occurs such as during outages. The benefit assumes that the client will accept the qualification that Westinghouse has with only minimal training (i.e., reviewing the site interface procedure).