Steam Generator Engineering Product Portfolio

Westinghouse offers steam generator (SG) engineering services in the areas of component design and analysis, chemistry, diagnostics, and materials engineering, with the mission to:

  • Provide engineering solutions that extend the life of the SGs, optimize plant performance and reduce the overall cost to maintain SGs, while meeting regulatory requirements
  • Integrate engineering with field services to provide coordinated inspection, repair and engineering services to optimize performance and extend the life of the SGs
  • Provide best-practice engineering analyses in support of plant performance improvement programs
  • Apply leading-edge technology to support utility asset management programs
  • Provide industry licensing leadership through development of low-risk licensing strategies

Westinghouse’s SG engineering product portfolio offers a variety of services, including:

Tube Integrity

  • ARC development and analysis
  • Implementation of NEI 97-06
    • Degradation assessments
    • Conditional monitoring and operational assessments (CMOA)
  • Extended inspection intervals
  • Wear projection
  • Loose parts analysis
  • Regulatory Guide 1.121 analysis
  • Tube burst/leakage testing
  • Tube integrity software

Component Engineering

  • Design and qualification of tube plugs, sleeves and stabilizers
  • Loose parts weir
  • Antivibration bars (AVBs)
  • Shell penetrations
  • Flow-induced vibration analysis
  • Feedwater nozzle and elbow liners
  • Steam nozzle flow limiters
  • Moisture carryover modifications
  • Sludge collectors
  • Feedring and J-nozzle replacement
  • Closure studs, nuts, washers, covers and gaskets
  • Mock-ups
  • Design basis documentation
  • Level tap relocation

Chemistry Products

  • SG maintenance strategies
  • Primary and secondary chemistry consulting
  • Balance-of-plant (BOP) chemistry consulting
  • Chemistry R&D (WOG, CEOG, EPRI)
  • Consumable materials compatibility and qualification
  • Cleaning process qualification
  • Online chemistry monitoring
  • Zinc addition

Deposit Management

  • Sludge management
  • Sludge sample analysis
  • Eddy current data management and projections
  • Long-term operational assessments
  • Corrosion algorithm
  • Degradation prediction
  • Fouling assessments
  • Tube repair forecasts
  • Engineering data analysis Web site
  • Tube bundle scale profiling
  • SG pressure recovery

Materials Engineering

  • Metallurgical exams (SG tube exams)
  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Alloy 600 issues

Management Teams

  • Integrated engineering and field services approach to long-term services planning
  • Economic analysis
  • On-site support
  • Secondary side CMOA
  • Supplement to utility engineering


  • Engineering support
  • Heater replacement
  • Analysis