Outage and Field Services

Westinghouse has been offering BWR services since the 1980's.

Some of the many services Westinghouse offers include:

  • Outage management services
  • BWR-related services
  • Weld repair
  • Valve refurbishment or replacement
  • Training
  • Refueling
  • Under-vessel (UV) maintenance
  • In-vessel visual inspection (IVVI)
  • In-vessel ultrasonic inspections

Westinghouse’s outage service team maximizes efficiency and reduces the cost and duration of your outage by:

  • Cross-training our personnel to perform multiple tasks thereby allowing us to bring fewer people to site.
  • Utilizing advanced tooling to reduce the critical path.
  • Driving further optimization via our Integrated Outage Model which allows Westinghouse to partner with our customers and provide all outage services required within the containment building.

In addition, Westinghouse has a full-depth wet vessel mockup at the Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA) BWR Service Center, complete with a fully operational fuel-handling platform. The service center mockup also includes a mock spent fuel pool (SFP).

The reactor vessel mockup has the following components:

  • One-eight section full-scale in-vessel mockup
  • Actual reactor components top guide
  • Fuel supports
  • Control rod
  • Jet pumps
  • In-core instruments
  • Control rod blade guides
  • Dummy fuel assemblies
  • Fuel-handling platform vessel-servicing aids, grapples and cameras

The Chattanooga BWR Service Center includes a full-size, under-vessel mockup complete with a carousel, a leveling tray, a control rod drive (CRD) travel path and an A-frame for loading and unloading mock CRDs.

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