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Thermal Hydraulic Testing Facilities

Research and Technology Operations (RTO), Churchill, Pennsylvania (USA)

The RTO laboratory specializes in chemical effects, debris transport and fluid properties characterization. Full system temperature and pressure are available on the single rod nucleate boiling test loop. Partial height fuel assembly test fixtures are available for examining the effects of debris on fuel assembly flow. The small scale, heated rod bundle test loop is used to examine boric acid precipitation with buffering agents. High speed flow visualization capability is used to examine the effects of fluid properties and chemical concentrations on nucleate boiling. Mass spectrometers, scanning electron microscopes and many other fundamental research tools are available on-site.

Fauske & Associates LLC (FAI), Burr Ridge, Illinois (USA)

FAI is an industry-recognized organization with expertise in phenomenological modeling related to the prevention and accommodation of nuclear power accidents. FAI maintains a highly skilled technical staff with industry-renowned engineering leadership. FAI provides thermal hydraulic testing services in the areas of water-hammer, debris and air transport and flow induced vibration. FAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westinghouse. For more information on FAI thermal hydraulic testing services, visit

RCP and CEDM Test Facility, Newington, New Hampshire (USA)

Newington is a reactor coolant pump and Control Element Drive Mechanism (CEDM) test facility, fully instrumented with full system pressure, temperature and flow indication. Capabilities include: precision machining with heavy and light computer numerical control system (CNC) mills and lathes, large horizontal and vertical CNC boring mills and heavy crane capacity, up to 200 tons; precision welding with manual, semi-automatic and machine welding; and non-destructive examination (NDE), magnetic particle (MT), (liquid penetrant PT), visual testing (VT), radiographic (RT) and ultrasonic (UT).

Fluid Systems Engineering Laboratory, Madison, Pennsylvania (USA)

The fluid systems engineering laboratory supports operating and new Westinghouse-designed plants. With decades of experience in Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering system design, the fluid systems engineering lab is ideally suited to address plant-specific or generic issues related to these systems. This laboratory specializes in two-phase flow instrumentation and measurement. Recent projects include generic programs to address gas intrusion in safety systems (GL-2008-01) in operating and new plant designs. Typical thermal hydraulic testing performed in this laboratory includes scale model, full scale, integral effects and separate effects system testing.

Nuclear Fuels Product Engineering Laboratories, Columbia, South Carolina (USA)

The Nuclear Fuels Product Engineering Development Lab is located at the Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility in Columbia, South Carolina (USA) and provides facilities for mechanically and thermal hydraulically testing fuel assemblies and fuel-assembly components. The purpose of testing is developmental; to compare test results with calculated design values for fuel assembly and fuel component design. The 13,000 sq. ft. lab contains mechanical testing stations, such as Instron machines and grid crush testing equipment, as well as four thermal hydraulic test loops: the VIPER Loop, FACTS Loop, VISTA Loop and Freon DNB loop.

Nuclear Fuels Thermal-Hydraulic Testing Laboratory, Tegnér, Västerås (Sweden)

The Nuclear Fuels Sweden Fuel Engineering Development Lab is located at the Tegnér site in Västerås (Sweden) and provides test loops for thermal hydraulic testing of fuel assemblies and fuel-assembly components. The lab hosts the FRIGG and ODEN critical heat flux test loops as well as other loops for BWR fuel endurance, debris retention and component pressure drop testing. The testing goal is validation of new fuel designs and to provide data for DNB and dryout correlation development. The lab has fuel simulator heating and cooling capability up to 15 MW, and can test all variants of BWR and PWR fuel geometries, at all required pressure, flow and temperature conditions.


Facility for Post-LOCA Core Inlet Debris Blockage Testing at the Westinghouse Churchill Labs

The Sweden Nuclear Services autoclave is controlled to simulate Thermal Hydraulic containment conditions after a Design Basis event

Westinghouse Thermal Hydraulic lab in Västerås, Sweden

VIPER TEST LOOP at the Westinghouse Fuels Plant in Columbia, SC
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