Engineers Think Big, Execute Bigger

Posted February 20, 2017 by Jim Brennan

When a painter is given a blank canvas and a paintbrush, the painter can create a beautiful work of art. When an engineer is given a problem to resolve and the right tools, the engineer can create an innovative solution.

Engineers think big to invent, design and create things that change our lives. At Westinghouse, our engineers are changing the nuclear industry and the world with their innovative ideas, technologies, practices and solutions that help us help our customers generate safer, cleaner, more reliable energy for more people and a better planet. Each year, we celebrate their commitment to innovation by globally recognizing Engineers Week throughout our company.

Engineers Week highlights engineers’ contributions to society through the practical application of science and mathematics. Our engineers not only use this practical way of thinking, but go above and beyond to push the limits of innovation and ingenuity. They channel their creativity into real-world solutions for the largest challenges facing the nuclear industry. Seeing the passion that our engineers bring into work everyday reminds me of all the reasons I decided to become an engineer myself. Even after more than 30 years working at Westinghouse, it’s that desire to change the world with one idea that continues to inspire me to think big and execute bigger.

Our company’s founder George Westinghouse is often regarded as one of the greatest engineers to have lived. He was committed to making a difference through innovative ways of thinking. Today, each one of our engineers carries on that legacy.

    Jim Brennan

   Senior Vice President, Engineering Center of Excellence
   Westinghouse Electric Company
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