Female Engineers Offer Unique Perspective

Posted May 21, 2017 by Joni Falascino

As an executive member of Westinghouse Women in Nuclear (WIN), I had the privilege of presenting our annual scholarship award to an aspiring female engineer. WIN provides professional leadership development for females already in the nuclear industry and introduces and educates young women on engineering careers – something that I feel very strongly about. Supporting female engineers and women in the nuclear industry is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of my job.

Jessica Viehman, this year’s awardee, will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. As a fellow female engineer, I welcomed Jessica to our unique and curious field. I have built and added upon my diverse learning experiences through various roles and know the significance of female viewpoints. I know that women offer a unique perspective and provide the needed diversity to solve global issues.

While studying computer science during my undergraduate career, I found myself gravitating towards engineering and physical sciences because I liked the challenge of solving problems. As female engineers we are part of a global community that encourages innovation in problem solving. I’ve been given the great opportunity to speak to women engineers around the world and a curious mind and innovative spirit is a constant theme and a powerful message. 

As I presented Jessica with this award, I reminded her to be herself and not worry about fitting into a mold. I feel very fortunate – every day brings something new and there are always new challenges. I work with talented individuals at all levels and the learning never ends. It’s for those reasons that I continue to share my passion for engineering, reminding women around the world that there is indeed a place for female engineers.  

Joni Falascino

Joni Falascino

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