Inspired by Innovation

Posted February 21, 2018 by Ken Canavan

I decided to pursue a career in Engineering when I was a preteen. While I would like to say I was inspired by the opportunity to find new solutions to society’s toughest challenges, I really was inspired by the need to develop an early warning detection system that signaled my mother was coming and I should pretend like I was cleaning my room. As I’ve developed in my career, that desire to create and innovate has matured and gotten stronger. In college I entered the nuclear power field to integrate my personal concerns for the environment with my engineering career knowing that and nuclear was – and still is – the cleanest and most reliable source of energy.

As Westinghouse’s chief technology officer, I am honored to lead our research and development efforts. Our goal to deliver global innovative products and services that help our customers produce safe, reliable and clean energy is a challenging one. But the creativity and talent of our engineers gives me great confidence that Westinghouse will continue to lead the way.

As society continues to change, the need for new and advanced solutions grows. Engineers, through ingenuity and innovation, help implement the needed solutions through design, execution and leadership. Innovation does not end when a new idea is generated, nor does it stop when that idea is realized and ready for market but only when the benefits have been realized by society. Many have ideas, but true innovation is the discipline, rigor and focus to meet the needs of our ever-changing environment and bring an idea to reality. It is this constant demand that motivates us each and every day and in all things we do.

Westinghouse is widely recognized for its strong reputation driven by our focus on innovation. This is one of the many reasons I joined this company, and I am honored to be part of that continuing legacy that works tirelessly to innovate for the future.

Ken Canavan

Ken Canavan

Chief Technology Officer
Westinghouse Electric Company
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