Westinghouse Springfields: A Proud History

Posted March 31, 2016 by Mick Gornall

It was 70 years ago this month that the UK government announced that the now Westinghouse Springfields site, previously a war-time munitions factory, would become the country’s nuclear fuel manufacturing facility. These were exciting times – the nuclear industry was in its infancy and at the forefront of technology – and Springfields was involved right from the very beginning.

Just 162 employees formed the initial workforce in 1946. By the turn of the decade Springfields production of uranium metal was running at 20 tonnes per week and, with the advent of the Magnox power station programme, the site was becoming a powerhouse of increasing activity. Since those early pioneering days, Springfields has continued to lead at the cutting edge of nuclear technology and today is recognised as a world leader in safety, quality, environmental and technological standards.

Employees past and present can be proud of the part they have played in history – we are proud that fuel produced at Springfields has contributed to a secure, clean, and efficient energy supply for the past 70 years – in fact the fuel produced at Springfields today provides around 15% of the nation’s electricity.

But above all we are extremely proud of our excellent safety standards and our links with our local community.

Since 1946, Springfields has supplied products and services to customers in 11 countries. Today the site has the most modern nuclear fuel manufacturing plant in the world. The success of the past 70 years has laid the foundation for the future and as the site transforms into the centre of Westinghouse’s operations in the UK, it has truly come of age!

Mick Gornall

Mick Gornall

Managing Director of UK Fuel Operations
Westinghouse Springfields
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