Westinghouse Nuclear News

Westinghouse Nuclear News

Westinghouse Demonstrates Integrity of Haiyang 1 Containment Vessel Ahead of Schedule
Westinghouse announced that testing to validate the containment vessel of the Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant under construction in Shandong Province, China, has been successfully completed ahead of schedule.

NRC Completes Acceptance Review of AP1000 Seismic Option
Westinghouse announced that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has completed an acceptance review of the company's Specialized Seismic Option developed for offering with AP1000®  nuclear power plants; this step allows the NRC to begin in-depth review for the formal Safety Evaluation Report.

Westinghouse Innovates New Inspection Technique for Sweden's Oskarshamn Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant
Westinghouse with subsidiary WesDyne Sweden AB has been selected by OKG AB to develop and qualify techniques and equipment for challenging core shroud support inspection at Oskarshamn unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden.

Westinghouse: COP21 Deal Allows Work Toward Low-Carbon Energy Future to Begin in Earnest
Westinghouse welcomes outcome of the COP21 climate negotiations. President and CEO Danny Roderick, "The road from Paris to a low-carbon future is long. The clock is ticking. We need to start work now to implement the climate deal. ..." 

Westinghouse Avoids Billions of Metric Tons of CO2 as Fuel Facility Completes Record 100,000 Assemblies
Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility completes 100,000th fuel assembly, representing enormous savings in carbon emissions and setting world record for PWR assembly fabrication and performance.

Westinghouse Expands BWR Plant Support Portfolio
Westinghouse has added new products to its portfolio to assure that boiling water reactor (BWR) units at global sites relying on the BWR plant-specific computer systems can maintain operability.

Westinghouse Completes Sanmen 1 Containment Vessel Testing Milestone
Testing that validates the containment vessel of the Sanmen Unit 1 nuclear power plant meets design and construction quality requirements and provides a robust barrier to protect public health and safety has been successfully completed.

Westinghouse Engineers Honored as Fellows
The American Nuclear Society (ANS) honored Dr. Fausto Franceschini, Westinghouse Global Technology Development fellow engineer, and Dr. Martin Plys, vice president of Waste Technology and Post-Fukushima Services at Westinghouse Fauske & Associates LLC, as fellows at the ANS Winter Meeting.

Westinghouse Wins Sizewell B Vital Equipment Maintenance Contract
Westinghouse was awarded a contract by EDF Energy to maintain specialist nuclear equipment, protecting against equipment obsolescence at the Sizewell B nuclear power station.

Westinghouse To Dismantle Swedish Reactor
Westinghouse will support first dismantling of a commercial nuclear power plant in Sweden by segmenting the RPV internals at the dual-unit Barsebäck Nuclear Power Station.

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