Comprehensive Solutions for Thermal Sleeve Wear


The wearing of the thermal sleeve flange against the control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) penetration tubes is a known aging phenomenon experienced in some Westinghouse nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) and other similarly designed plants. However, severe instances of wear may cause the thermal sleeve flange to separate from the thermal sleeve tube and become oriented in a way that could interfere with control rod movement. Depending on the plant mode when this occurs, this disruption could lead to either an extended or unplanned outage.

Westinghouse provides a full range of traditional and advanced inspection, engineering evaluation and replacement services to help your plant maintain safe and efficient operations.


Our innovative Rov-A-Scan laser scanner system can collect measurement data used to determine the remaining wear life of the thermal sleeve flange without the need for manual repositioning of the system under the reactor vessel head, reducing dose exposure and increasing cost savings.

Westinghouse has developed generic acceptance criteria applicable to most of the Westinghouse NSSS fleet and can perform evaluation of the measurement data collected during the laser scan. Using plant-specific design inputs, Westinghouse can expand the generic acceptance criteria to help maximize the margin in projected remaining wear life of the thermal sleeve flange.


When replacement is required, the new Westinghouse Compressible Thermal Sleeve provides a quick and cost-effective alternative to the conventional replacement which requires cutting and re-welding the pressure boundary to facilitate removal of the CRDM. Offering an expected wear life of more than approximately ten effective full-power years, this solution helps get your plant back online faster without comprising safety or quality.

By combining our proven experience with the latest advancements in technology and techniques, Westinghouse is prepared to address both expected and urgent thermal sleeve wear concerns.

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