Westinghouse EnCore® Fuel

We’re Changing Nuclear Energy … Again.

Westinghouse changed the energy industry on Dec. 2, 1957 when Shippingport, the first commercial nuclear power station in the U.S., came online. Shippingport was an engineering marvel, featuring cutting-edge technology in everything from modern machinery to metallurgy. Today, Westinghouse is changing nuclear energy again with its revolutionary new accident tolerant fuel design, EnCore® Fuel.

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EnCore Fuel is being developed to deliver design-basis-altering safety margins, withstanding far more severe conditions than today’s fuel. With an extremely high melting point (2800°C or higher) and minimal reaction with water, Westinghouse’s silicon-carbide fuel cladding offers game-changing safety benefits in severe accident conditions, particularly compared to the significant hydrogen-and-heat producing reactions that occur above 1200° C for zirconium fuel cladding. Westinghouse is also developing an alternative cladding material — a chromium-coated zirconium alloy that also inhibits the zirconium-steam reaction.

Having fuel that maintains its integrity in severe accident conditions? This changes nuclear energy … again.

As the largest supplier of nuclear fuel and fuel components globally, Westinghouse has developed a world-class network of research, design and manufacturing partners. Leveraging the breadth and depth of our resources, combined with U.S. Department of Energy awards, as well as utility funding, we are collaborating with respected industry partners to deliver EnCore Fuel to the market on an aggressive, accelerated schedule, with lead test rods of the coated claddings anticipated for delivery in Mid-March of 2019.

Learn more about how you can partner with Westinghouse on EnCore Fuel. Contact Jim Sechrist, Marketing Manager, at +1 412-374-4706.