We are Westinghouse, and We Pioneer Progress

Engineers – like all pioneers – use their knowledge, creativity, and sense of adventure to cross frontiers and power our future. Here at Westinghouse, we’re helping to change the world through our people, projects and technologies.

Highlighted below, a few of our global engineers share how they support Westinghouse as a pioneer of progress.

How do you support Westinghouse as a pioneer of progress?

Julie, Professional Engineer (P. Eng), London, Ontario (Canada) My passion as a mechanical/mechatronics engineer is to make the world a better place by utilizing newer energy forms, while holding public welfare and safety as a priority. As engineers of today, we continue to build on the concepts and achievements of the pioneering engineers of the past. At Westinghouse our team takes these early concepts and integrates them with our improved engineering techniques of today to act as pioneers for future generations.

- Julie, Professional Engineer (P. Eng)
London, Ontario (Canada)

Stephen, Principal Engineer – Materials & Aging Management, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (USA) At Westinghouse, engineers are given the opportunities to be pioneers by being encouraged to develop or apply a new technology. Whether working on a new plant (AP1000® plant) or developing technologies to extend the lives of our operating fleet, I have been fortunate to see first-hand the innovative solutions that Westinghouse develops. I am proud to be part of this team that continues to deliver on Westinghouse’s legacy of innovation by offering solutions to customers so they can meet our world’s energy generation needs.

- Stephen, Principal Engineer – Materials & Aging Management
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (USA)

Chunhui (Samuel) - Technical Manager, China, Shanghai, China As a Westinghouse engineer, I am proud that I can be part of the legendary AP1000 project to make a design concept become a true operating plant in China. I am now much getting involved in the Asia Innovation programs, which require me to build a up much broader technical network across the organization and professional society. To keep a genuinely innovative mind I believe Westinghouse engineers are the engine is able to further develop better, simpler and cost-effective engineering solutions for our customers and shareholders.

- Chunhui (Samuel) - Technical Manager, China
Shanghai, China

Julie, Manager, Nuclear Steam Supply System PWR – Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Nivelles, Belgium I am very curious and leverage the fact that I frequently visit other Westinghouse offices and participate with the customer and in industry meetings to seek knowledge on what colleagues in Westinghouse are working on and what other companies active in the nuclear industry do. I then share this information back in a spirit of “cross pollination” and discuss with Westinghouse experts and technical leaders what adjacent ideas have merits and could be looked into to better serve our customers.

- Julie, Manager, Nuclear Steam Supply System PWR – Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Nivelles, Belgium

Patrick, Stone & Webster Mechanical Manager, Madison, Pennsylvania (USA) As a “Pioneer of Progress,” I support Westinghouse by ensuring engineering projects are executed with not only safety and quality, but a drive to continuously improve. Westinghouse is a leader in the nuclear industry and to maintain that reputation means constantly assessing our processes and methods of engineering.

- Patrick, Stone & Webster Mechanical Manager
Madison, Pennsylvania (USA)