LAS VEGAS, Dec. 5, 2017 – Stone & Webster formally debuts today at the POWER-GEN International conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The re-emerged Stone & Webster combines its legacy of project excellence with Westinghouse Electric Company expertise, and supports projects in the fossil and renewable power generation sectors. Westinghouse acquired Stone & Webster in 2016, expanding its capabilities in areas outside of nuclear.

“Stone & Webster’s solutions are based on technical innovation, professional engineering and extensive energy industry experience,” said David Howell, president, Americas Region and chief growth officer at Westinghouse. “We are leveraging Stone & Webster’s legacy by utilizing Westinghouse’s core engineering capabilities and broad portfolio of services to support non-nuclear markets.”

Stone & Webster’s experience and expertise will support the power generation market, and a range of other industry sectors including aircraft engine manufacturers, large processing facilities, artificial joint makers and other non-nuclear industries.

For more than a century, Stone & Webster and its legacy companies have been among the energy industry’s most trusted and experienced partners. Established in 1889 as one of the first electrical engineering consulting firms in the United States, these companies were instrumental in the development of much of the country’s energy infrastructure.

Stone & Webster continues its proud tradition of engineering and innovation as a Westinghouse Electric company. For more information on Stone & Webster, visit