VÄSTERÅS, Sweden, October 29, 2019 – Westinghouse Electric Company announced today that it has signed a long-term contract with Finnish nuclear power company Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) for deliveries of nuclear fuel to their two boiling water reactors, Olkiluoto 1 and 2 through 2038. Under the terms of the contract, TVO intends to implement TRITON11™ fuel, the latest fuel innovation from Westinghouse for boiling water reactors.

“This contract demonstrates the trust that TVO has in Westinghouse and TRITON11 fuel as they plan for the long-term operation of their plants,” said Tarik Choho, president of Westinghouse’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Operating Plant Services Business Unit. “We are pleased they have chosen our innovative TRITON11 product as the best nuclear fuel design to be utilized in the reactors.”

“This contract is important for the safe and reliable operation of Olkiluoto 1 and 2 throughout the current Operating License until 2038,” said Ms. Marjo Mustonen, TVO’s Senior Vice President, Electricity Production

The new Westinghouse TRITON11 fuel was developed to significantly reduce fuel cycle costs and increase fuel reliability for boiling water reactor (BWR) plants. The fuel is optimized for efficiency in 12- and 24-month cycles, as well as for uprated cores and higher burnups. TRITON11 is the first Westinghouse 11x11 BWR fuel design and comprises a unique design with three central water rods. The efficiency of TRITON11 is designed to be superior to all other BWR fuel designs on the market.

The fuel is being delivered from the Westinghouse fuel manufacturing facility in Västerås, Sweden, which will also provide the engineering and fuel services support. The first lead test assemblies were delivered to TVO unit 2 in January 2019.