Westinghouse Electric Company today announced that it has signed a nuclear fuel contract with OKG (Uniper), a major supplier of base load to the Nordic power supply system. Provided the plant is in operation and under the terms of the contract, Westinghouse will continue to provide reload fuel assemblies for the remaining Oskarshamn 3 unit until 2030. This contract continues the important relationship between OKG and Westinghouse’s Västerås Fuel Fabrication Facility in Västerås, Sweden.

“This contract is a confirmation of the extensive trust OKG has put in Westinghouse Sweden´s continued ability to deliver high-performance fuel assemblies. It also confirms our position as the leading BWR-fuel supplier in Northern Europe,” said Aziz Dag, Westinghouse vice president and managing director, Northern Europe.

Westinghouse will deliver its proven and reliable 10x10 SVEA96 Optima3 fuel. In 2018 Westinghouse will also introduce its next generation 11x11 BWR fuel design TRITON11TM, which has been carefully designed to provide superior fuel economy while maintaining the highest focus on a safe and reliable operation.

“The fuel fabrication facility in Västerås was established to deliver fuel to the Swedish nuclear fuel program. The first delivery was made to OKG’s first reactor Oskarshamn 1, and now, 50 years later, I am proud to say we are still supplying OKG and other customers around the world with the most modern fuel designs,” said Johan Lundberg, managing director, Swedish fuel operations.