Digital Engineering Services

More than ever, supply networks strive to balance speed, accuracy, dependability and resiliency.

Our Digital Engineering Services team delivers solutions that reduce procurement, inventory and maintenance costs and improve equipment reliability.

Our team of experts leverages industry data from over 30,000 suppliers and more than 170 utilities around the world including all CANDU nuclear power plants. The data contains Preventative Maintenance (PMs), Corrective Maintenance (CMs), Deficient Maintenance (DMs), installed base and inventory Bill of Materials (BOM) information.

With expertise across a wide variety of disciplines, we provide unique solutions through data analytics, software development and world class engineering. Leveraging more than 135 years of practical innovation combined with the latest industry data and our network of global resources, we focus on developing custom solutions for specific utility challenges across various plant designs.

We are trusted to deliver excellence to the Canadian, U.S. and foreign nuclear industries for all our offerings utilizing Quality Assurance standards such as:

  • CSA N299.1, N299.2, N299.3, N299.4
  • CSA N285.0, CSA N286, CSA B51
  • ASME Section III and VIII for the Canadian Market
  • ASME Section VIII, U-Stamp, NQA-1 and 10CFR50 App. B for the US market
  • Welding to ASME Section IX, CWB standards
  • ISO 9001:201515


Our comprehensive Digital Engineering portfolio optimizes customer planning and maintenance, maximizes cost effectiveness and mitigates obsolescence risk.

Optimization Services:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Work Planning
  • Parts Readiness
  • Critical Spares Identification
  • Inventory Optimization and Stock Code Consolidation

Software Solutions:

  • Product Development
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

Predictive Maintenance

Featured Solutions

Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS)
A one-stop-shop for station obsolescence identification and management, the POMS database and search tool provides quick and easy retrieval of equipment and vendor obsolescence information. Key benefits include early notice of obsolescence issues, improved decision-making capabilities, enhanced analysis of equipment bill of materials, a detailed tree of equipment manufacturers and the opportunity for industry collaboration.


Configuration Management Interface System (CMIS)
This easy-to-use tool creates engineering equivalencies customized to each site process and enforces procedural requirements. CMIS enables users to generate a complete package for an equivalency, including forms in the application and any PDF attachments. Off-site hosting allows for quick turn-around of form revisions and application upgrades.