Welding & Machining

Nuclear power plants have some of the most demanding environments to perform repairs, replacements and fabrications.

Therefore, it is crucial that your partners are familiar with these limitations. At Westinghouse we employ a dedicated team of highly specialized welding engineers, tool designers, technicians, welders and machinists to provide agile and customized solutions for your toughest challenges.

We specialize in working within demanding environmental constraints including underwater, radioactive, excessive temperatures and limited physical clearance. Our extensive CANDU® experience includes tailored welding and machining solutions as well as design and process development. From steam generator replacement welding to equipment care and maintenance, we have more than 500 highly specialized team members to support both small and large projects.


  • Welding, machining, metrology
  • Emergency and/or planned repairs and mitigation
  • Component installation, replacement, fabrication
  • Custom welding and machining tooling solutions

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

We are trusted to deliver excellence to the Canadian, U.S. and foreign nuclear industries for all our offerings utilizing Quality Assurance standards such as:

  • CSA N285.0 Certified, including Vessels & Piping, Parts, & Sub-Assemblies, Support Structures, Supports, Fittings & Material Supply
  • CSA N299.1 Qualified
  • CSA B51 Vessels, Piping & Fittings
  • CSA N286.7 Compliant
  • 10 CFR50 Appendix B and Part 21 Compliant
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified