Westinghouse provides many advantages through more than 30 years of project experience in PWR, BWR, GCR and sodium-cooled nuclear power plant reactor vessel internals segmentation and packaging.

This experience and OPEX can be leveraged for CANDU® dismantling applications including reactor vessel internals segmentation and packaging as well as associated support services such as radiological shielding calculations, transportation container design and procurement, training and project management.

In addition to the skill and talent of the company’s staff in this area, Westinghouse offers:

  • Layout and technical design of remote-controlled handling, lifting and cutting devices
  • Segmentation and packaging plans
  • Assembly, start-up, training and operation of integrated dismantling facilities
  • Segmentation work on-site
  • Calculation and layout of radiological shielding
  • Support and management of dismantling and decommissioning licensing processes
  • Transportation container design and procurement
  • Overall project management for large projects
  • Heavy lifting
  • Health physics