Waste Management

Westinghouse can perform a detailed assessment and provide an inventory and radiological assessment to ensure compliance with waste acceptance criteria.

Westinghouse’s waste management experience combines conceptual design, engineering, technology development, detailed design, procurement, manufacturing and delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, training, documentation, licensing and operation of waste treatment systems for dry active wastes, liquids, sludge, concentrates, spent resins or other types of radioactive waste.

Our engineering solutions reduce disposal costs and provide a higher level of safety.

Waste management has been a key aspect of Westinghouse Canada's portfolio of service offerings for 40 years. These custom nuclear services including, waste characterization, retrieval, handling, treatment, containment, transport and storage, have been provided to nuclear labs and reactor sites across North America.

Specific Technologies Developed Include:

  • Decontamination
    • Chemical
  • Liquid Waste Treatment
    • Radionuclides and heavy metals removal
  • Solid Waste Retrieval
    • From underground standpipes
  • Resin Transfer
    • Sluicing
  • Drying
    • De-watering, staged & rough vacuum drying, compressed air circulation drying
  • Solidification
    • Vitrification support equipment
  • Solid Waste Processing
    • Oxidation and distillation 
  • Filtration & Straining
    • Cartridge, wire mesh, sintered metal crossflow
  • Flasks & Casks
    • Dry storage containers & lid clamps, flask to flask contents transfer, overpacks
  • Filter Handling & Transport
    • Transport dollies and self-powered remote-operated vehicles
  • Drum Handling
    • Handling and lidding
  • Tritium/D2O
    • Storage and transportation

Westinghouse also has the necessary capabilities to cover all areas of spent nuclear fuel handling, nuclear waste treatment and conditioning, engineering and project management.

Capabilities Include:

  • Project management
  • Process system design
  • Systems design and analyses
  • Nuclear safety and analyses
  • General plant engineering
  • Mechanical engineering and design
  • Electrical power distribution systems design 
  • Instrumentation and control systems design 
  • General layout
  • Erection and installation of equipment
  • Equipment and systems test
  • Operation and maintenance strategies and procedures
  • Engineering operational support
  • Resin drying system
  • 2000-t super-compactor at nuclear fuel complex
  • Concentrate drying station

Waste Treatment Technologies and Systems

Westinghouse has developed, delivered and operated cost-effective waste treatment technologies and systems for the treatment of radioactive waste for more than 25 years. Our technologies have been applied to nuclear facilities for the entire nuclear life cycle including new plant construction, plant upgrade, life extension, and decommissioning.

Solutions Include:

  • Resin drying system
  • 2000-t super-compactor at nuclear fuel complex
  • Concentrate drying station

Waste Packaging

For inspection and documentation purposes, all waste packages must meet all acceptance criteria prior to disposal. Westinghouse has a long history of developing, delivering and using technologies and systems to qualify and analyze radioactive waste packages. The range of products Westinghouse offers includes fully automatic, segmented gamma scanning, X-ray scanning and equipment for gas sampling from waste packages.

Waste Disposal Facilities

Westinghouse holds a strong position within the waste disposal category. The El Cabril facility in Spain, designed and constructed by Westinghouse, is considered one of the best among industry standards for disposal of very low-level waste and low- and intermediate-level waste. Westinghouse continues to provide engineering and waste characterization support to the operation of this facility. This successful project has led to many initiatives in Korea, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. In the spent fuel disposal area, Westinghouse has design experience in dry and wet intermediate storage.