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Class 1E Low-voltage Motors and Engineering Services

To maintain Class 1E qualification standards when replacing low-voltage motors, Westinghouse Nuclear Services offers a range of motors manufactured to original Westinghouse specifications and qualification standards for safety-related Class 1E applications in nuclear power plants.

Class 1E Medium-voltage Motors and Engineering Service

To help utilities maintain Class 1E qualification standards when replacing Westinghouse mediumvoltage motors, Westinghouse rotating equipment services (RES) offers interchangeable mediumvoltage motors in the World Series, Lifeline D, Lifeline A and Type CSP designs for safety-related Class 1E applications

DYNAMIC PORT® Oil Sensing Upgrade

The oil level indicating system on Westinghouse reactor coolant pump (RCP) motors monitors the oil inventory within the bearing oil reservoir. The concept behind the original system used on the lower oil reservoir on RCP motors was a simple transference of oil level from inside the bearing oil reservoir to an alarm reservoir and sight glass that is external to the lower oil reservoir.

Engineered Leak Rate No. 1 Seal for Reactor Coolant Pumps

Reactor coolant pump (RCP) control leak-off seal performance is heavily influenced by a variety of plant and environmental conditions that can directly impact the RCP seal leak-off rate, the dominant variable used to evaluate seal performance. Unplanned forced outages or an extension of an outage can result if leak-off rates approach their lower or higher operating limits.

Global Pump & Motor Services

At Westinghouse, pump and motor service is one of our primary specialties. For over 35 years, we’ve designed and manufactured pumps and motors for the nuclear industry. As this equipment ages, it must be maintained, repaired, or sometimes replaced.

High-power Motor Test System

With the new high-power motor test system, Westinghouse has expanded full functional testing capabilities for the nuclear industry. With the addition of the following upgrades, Westinghouse is even better able to serve its customers.

Nuclear Component Repair Center Auxiliary Motor Services

Westinghouse’s Nuclear Component Repair Center (NCRC) in Madison, Pennsylvania (USA), provides the nuclear industry access to the most experienced quality and safety-conscious resources for pump, motor and component engineering and repair services. The NCRC has a large and well-equipped repair machine shop for working on contaminated equipment and supporting a full scope of services.

Pump and Motor Field Services

Westinghouse is the most trusted worldwide industry leader to provide support for all facets of pump, motor and seal field maintenance and repair activities.

Reactor Coolant Pump Motor Shop Services

During the life of a nuclear power plant, more than just routine inspections of a reactor coolant pump (RCP) motor are necessary to help prevent unscheduled or extended outages. It is recommended that RCP motors be sent to a service center to be disassembled.

Reactor Coolant Pump Seals

In addition to being the original manufacturer of reactor coolant pump (RCP) seals, Westinghouse provides full-scope seal services to the nuclear industry. From the sale of replacement seals and components, to engineering support and testing, Westinghouse is the one-stop shop for seal related needs.

Reactor Coolant Pump: Sigma™ Seal

The Westinghouse Sigma Reactor Coolant Pump Seal provides reliable performance and costs savings to support safe and longterm plant operation.

Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCPs)

Westinghouse has designed, manufactured and refurbished hundreds of reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) for the global market, allowing Westinghouse to amass extensive experience and expertise in providing dependable RCPs, for the continued success of its customers. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Westinghouse maintains and has ready access to the original as-built records, which provide the resources to:

Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCPs) Products & Services

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of RCPs, Westinghouse is uniquely qualified to provide full-scope and technical advisory service for all facets of pump and motor field maintenance and repair. With over 60 years of quality service and technological knowhow, we perform dozens of jobs for utilities worldwide each year. In addition to providing routine and full-scope services, technological expertise and customer commitment has made Westinghouse the vendor of choice in critical emergency repair situations. Field services for routine maintenance and emergency repair use the extensive resources of the Westinghouse network of pump- and motor-related facilities and personnel.

SHIELD® Passive Thermal Shutdown Seal for Reactor Coolant Pumps

Westinghouse developed the SHIELD® passive thermal shutdown seal as a passive means of protecting the reactor core. It prevents a loss of reactor coolant system (RCS) water inventory should an event occur that causes a loss of all seal cooling. The SHIELD passive thermal shutdown seal is proven to significantly reduce or eliminate leakage from the reactor coolant pump (RCP) seal with no operator action, power or control logic required.

Westinghouse Contaminated Machine Shop

Westinghouse’s Waltz Mill Shop and Service Center is dedicated to providing customers with a high level of excellence when it comes to refurbishing rotating equipment components. Integrated in these shop operations is a contaminated machine shop with capabilities to refurbish contaminated and/or safety-related nuclear plant equipment.