Meet Some of Our Team Members

Frank Ferraraccio

Frank Ferraraccio

Systems Engineering Consulting

"A 50.69 program provides benefits beyond the gains made by past programs by actively involving utility staff in practical assessments of SSC to ultimately produce a balanced application of surveillance, testing and maintenance practices that improve overall plant safety."
Ryan Griffin

Ryan Griffin

Systems Engineering Categorization

"The 10 CFR 50.69 voluntary rule permits risk insights and other qualitative considerations to be used to determine the safety significance of structures, systems, and components (SSCs). This adjusts the scope of equipment that is required to comply with current special regulatory treatment (controls) to better focus licensee, and NRC attention and resources on equipment that has safety significance."
Kyle Hope

Kyle Hope

Probabilistic Risk Assessment

"The 50.69 program is great for the industry because not only is it a cost saver, it also increases focus on the most risk-significant SSCs, which will ultimately lead to a safer plant."
Richard Rolland

Richard Rolland

Tool for Risk-Informed Operations (TRIO)

"10 CFR 50.69 allows the industry to focus on improving safety of high safety-significant components while lowering the expenditures on low safety-significant components. This will improve the industry’s objective of Delivering the Nuclear Promise."
Ryan Vanston

Ryan Vanston

Alternative Treatments

"The 10CFR50.69 program uses information and technology available to the industry, and allows for a step-change in plant operational efficiency and cost improvements while continuing with nuclear safety in the forefront."

Other Links

  • Westinghouse 50.69 Program
  • TRIO 1.1 Downloadable Files
    Although the configuration control information for the Tool for Risk-Informed Operations Version 1.1 (TRIO 1.1) states "Westinghouse Proprietary," Westinghouse does not treat TRIO 1.1 as proprietary.

    Installation of the Tool for Risk-Informed Operations (TRIO)
    1. Verify there are no previous versions of TRIO present.
    2. Click 1515_TRIO_ Setup.msi file.
    3. This will open a pop-up window that allows for installation of TRIO 1.1
    4. Follow the instruction in the installation window to properly install TRIO 1.1 (this may require administrator approval on the computer).
    5. To verify the new version has been installed:
      • Open TRIO 1.1 (Icon named 1515_TRIO).
      • Open the Help-About window.
      • Verify the following matches.
        • Filesize = 5449728
        • Checksum = 480012595

    Uninstallation of TRIO
    1. In the installation folder, click the 1515_TRIO_Setup.msi file.
    2. This will open a pop-up window that has the option to Remove 1515_TRIO.
    3. Click the Remove 1515_TRIO button and then click finish (this may require administrator approval on the computer).
    4. This will uninstall TRIO 1.1.
    5. The uninstallation can be verified by going to the installation location and verifying no remaining files are present (including the main folder).
      • The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Westinghouse\1515_TRIO.
  • Training Website
  • PRA Flysheets