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Safety Analysis

22 Results
Gothic Analysis Capabilities
NS-ES-0298 Download PDF
LOCA Safety Analysis Services
NS-ES-0003 Download PDF
Non-LOCA Safety Analysis Services
NS-ES-0004 Download PDF
Rod Control System Optimization
NS-ES-0016 Download PDF
Uprating Programs
NS-ES-0020 Download PDF
Non-LOCA Technology Transfer
NS-ES-0023 Download PDF
Online RTS/ESFAS Testing without Risk of Plant Trip
NS-ES-0028 Download PDF
OPΔT/OTΔT Operating Margin Recovery Program
NS-ES-0030 Download PDF
BWR LOCA Analysis
NS-ES-0107 Download PDF
Procedures Development and Maintenance
NS-ES-0157 Download PDF
CE Nuclear Transient Simulator (CENTS)
NS-ES-0167 Download PDF
BWR Containment Safety Analysis
NS-ES-0174 Download PDF
FATE™ Software for Facility Process, Safety, and Decommissioning and Dismantling
NS-ES-0194 Download PDF
FaNMANTM File and Data Manipulation Software Tool Kit
NS-ES-0201 Download PDF
Computerized Scaling Manual
NS-ES-0202 Download PDF
NS-ES-0209 Download PDF
Cable Health and Aging Management Program
NS-ES-0214 Download PDF
FATE™ Software for Reactor Auxiliary Building Accident Response
NS-ES-0215 Download PDF
Modular Accident Analysis Program
NS-ES-0216 Download PDF
RELAP5 Analysis Services
NS-ES-0224 Download PDF
GOTHIC Auxiliary Building Analysis Models
NS-ES-0246 Download PDF
NS-ES-0276 Download PDF