With More Than 50 Years in the Nuclear Business, We Know How to Plan for the Future.

We are your experienced internal aging management partner.

When you need an experienced partner to help you achieve your long-term operation goals, look to Westinghouse. We’ve been planning for and meeting the challenges of the nuclear industry for nearly 50 years. We are a trusted reactor internals aging management partner.

Since 1985, we have replaced more than 2,900 baffle bolts at 23 plants worldwide, and have provided contingency planning for an additional 14 plants. We developed the Acceptable Bolting Pattern Analysis (ABPA) more than 20 years ago to provide a tool for assessing the acceptability of baffle-former bolt (BFB) inspection results. Now we have developed a probabilistic prediction methodology that uses input from the ABPA and can predict the stress level and likelihood of failure for each BFB in a reactor internals baffle-former assembly. These bolt-by-bolt predictions provide the detailed, accurate information required for long-term planning, including inspection timing and frequency, so nuclear plant operators can make better-informed decisions for future outages. The result: decreased risk and lower costs support development of a long-term aging management strategy for BFBs.

Additionally, we now have the capability to support three baffle bolt replacement campaigns in parallel. We developed and fabricated manual installation tooling for installing simplified baffle-former bolts allowing easier setup and small scale replacement at a lower cost. Our technology also includes improved replacement bolts that provide advanced materials and features for resistance to future degradation.

Now we have developed a prediction methodology that uses deterministic inputs from the ABPA and other analyses within a probabilistic framework to predict the stress level and likelihood of failure for each BFB in a reactor internals baffle-former assembly. For plants that are currently configured as downflow reactor internals, conversion to upflow can reduce the required number of intact bolts and the susceptibility to baffle jetting fuel damage. If converting from downflow reactor internals to upflow is warranted as part of aging management, we have the experience and expertise to successfully and efficiently implement this modification. As a matter of fact, we are the only company that has done this conversion in the past 25 years.

Our commitment to the future of safe, efficient and economical long-term operations is as strong today as the dedication of the forward-thinking Westinghouse pioneers who brought us here. With each innovation, we benefit from their experience. And we offer that depth of experience and legacy to our partners. The future looks brightest for those who can apply what they’ve learned in the past to the challenges of the future.

Look to us for an experienced partner for your long-term operation solutions. Our goal is the same as yours – to execute safe, reliable products and services while supporting Delivering the Nuclear Promise through efficiency and cost-effective performance.

We are your partner for the long run.

For more information contact John Fownes, Westinghouse Long-Term Operation Business Development Manager, at +1 412-374-4509.