Optimized and Predictable Refueling Outages

Westinghouse knows successful plant outages require efficient planning and execution to help our customers return to operation.

Our suite of outage management products and services optimizes outage performance to decrease duration and increase predictability.

With over 30 years of proven experience, Westinghouse offers a complete line of outage services to help our customers enhance their plant’s performance. Utilizing our skilled workforce and state-of-the-art technology, we are your trusted partner for successful outage campaigns that work to improve safe operation, extend component life and maximize power output.

Westinghouse’s Outage Management service suite focuses on improving outage productivity through planning and preparations as well as benchmarking, standardization and site assessments. We also provide analyses of outage windows, risk management and plans governing outage safety, “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) radiation dosage, human performance and communications.  Outage management can be customized and scaled to meet your specific needs.

Need help with an emergent outage issue? Westinghouse is the only supplier with both pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) history. Our vast experience, technologies and a fully staffed Outage Control Centers uniquely position us to provide timely resolution to any issue that impacts your outage schedule. Our bench strength allows for immediate crew mobilization to respond to plant resource needs.

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